SOLAR FM Turnkey Solar FM Transmission System


Discover the new autonomous, turnkey FM transmitter for outside broadcasting. The SOLAR FM is a unique FM transmission solution designed to operate in isolated areas with limited electrical infrastructure, covering up to 10 km areas.  

Capable of receiving audio from FM and satellite as well as analog and/or AES inputs, the system comes complete with appropriate antennas and a dedicated smartphone application for control. 

The standard system utilizes solar power with AC power  back-up and wind power capability is available as an option.  

Designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, the SOLAR FM can be easily deployed in mountainous areas, forests and deserts. Once securely fastened to a mast, the user simply needs to connect the energy input and audio sources and they are ready to broadcast!


Current Version: 1.95


Product Benefits

Powerful Performance

  • Up to 10km coverage
  • Versatile audio sources
  • Hybrid Solar/AC power

Powerful Control

  • Smart energy management
  • Control via dedicated mobile App
  • Remote monitoring ready

Powerful Savings

  • Runs on cost-free power
  • Easy to install
  • Zero operational cost


SolarFM can be installed in areas of the world where solar resource is sufficient to power the system.

In these areas, the SolarFM can be used for multiple applications:

  • Stand-alone transmitter
  • FM retansmitter
  • Emergency communication radio
  • Mobile FM transmitter
  • Gap filler


Hybrid Energy Sources

The SolarFM transmitter can be powered with AC, Solar, Wind power or any DC sources. 
This compatibliity with hybrid energy sources brings longer autonomy and more flexibility for broadcasters.


Versatile Audio Reception

Receive signal from satellite, FM or analog & digital audio inputs.


Outdoor Operation

Rest assured your  SOLAR FM is protected against water and 
environmental damage (IP66 certification).


Turnkey Solution

Tailor your own SOLAR FM system or ask WorldCast Systems to
provide you with a customized solution ideally suited to your requirements.


Multiple Applications

Operate the transmitter as a gap-filler, an FM retransmitter, 
a standalone transmitter or as a system for emergency communications.


Centralized Mobile Application

Control the equipment locally via a dedicated Android & iOS mobile App.


Need To Broadcast FM In Emergency Situations Or To Isolated Communities?

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