QoS Monitoring & Facility Management


The Audemat DVB-T2 Monitor is a powerful and professional yet affordable solution for standalone DVB-T2 monitoring at the transmitter site or in the coverage area. The unit sequentially monitors a stream or a set list of channels and continuously ensures that your DVB-T2 network complies with your expectations.

AUDEMAT DVB-T2 MONITOR offers innovative functions such as multi-channel monitoring, audio/video streaming and automatic band scanning as well as alarms, real-time control, measurement logging and facility management.


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Highly accurate RF measurements
  • Full ETR290 MPEG-TS analysis and monitoring
  • QoE: analysis of image quality


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • Complete range of diagnostic tools
  • Customizable alarms and notifications
  • Advanced telemetry and facility control


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • 24/7 data tracking and access
  • Reduced downtime and engineering visits
  • Detection of degradation or interruption of service for protection of network investment
  • Monitoring, analysis and telemetry in a single unit


  • T2 stream inputs: RF, ASI or IP
  • Track real-time status of your signal 24/7/365
  • Sequentially monitor a set list of DVB-T2 channels (up to 20)
  • Monitor SFN/MFN, RF parameters, MPEG-2 including TR290 priority 1, 2 and 3
  • Automatic band scanning to detect any RF intrusions or variations
  • Real-time remote measurement and analysis of any station
  • At-a-glance status view provides overview of all monitored stations
  • SFN Monitoring with impulse response
  • Recorded measurements and logs for export & trend analysis
  • Real-time audio/video streaming to your desktop
  • Alarm management and monitoring for all main parameters
  • Instant notification of any out-of-tolerance condition
  • Frozen & Monochrome Image Analyzer
  • Access, configure & control all equipment at the transmitter site with remote control over TCP/IP
  • ScriptEasy for advanced telemetry and remote control
  • Optional extras include: Spectrum Analyzer, Transport Stream Analyzer, Picture Control, and telemetry boards


One Month History and XLS Export

One Month History and XLS Export

Tables Analysis

Tables Analysis

Status Page with Running Alarms

Status Page with Running Alarms

Real Time RF Measurements

Real Time RF Measurements

Cumulated Bit Rates Services

Cumulated Bit Rates Services

Real Time MPEG Content

Real Time MPEG Content

Advanced Telemetry & Remote Control with ScriptEasy

ScriptEasy is the revolutionary facility control software developed by WorldCast Systems to give users the power and flexibility to create “Smart” sites; ones that can automatically take action to correct any critical errors that affect operations.

Featuring an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), ScriptEasy incorporates GPIO functions, serial communications, logic operators, live user inputs, timers and more. This allows the site operations to be “scripted”, to allow evaluation of multiple parameters and even automatically engage backup systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel.

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Supervision Center
user report

User report

"Being able to detect trends in the quality of DVB-T2 signal transmission and being pro-active are crucial aspects of the service delivery expected by our broadcast customers. The DVB-T2 Monitor is an important tool that helps us to achieve these."
Marius Scheepers, Manager Transmission Systems, Sentech, South Africa


Current Version: 2.2

RF Characteristics Standard
Up to 20 Monitored Channels (+MPLP) 
Probe Mode (MER up to 42dB) 
RF level, SNR level, MER level, BER, Shoulders … 
Constellation, Power Graph 
T2 and PLP Parameters 
T2 – Lite 
SFN (Echoes Management)CD000130
Spectrum AnalyzerCD000135
ETR 101290 
MPEG Data Information and Repartition 
MPEG Error Counter, Jitter 
Video Streaming (3 modes) & Thumbnails Control DisplayCD000131
Structure Content Analyzer (data, errors)CD000129
SID Rates, PID RatesCD000129
Frozen & Monochrome Image AnalyzerCD000129
T2MI Decoding and AnalysisCD000140
TS and Video Recording 
Events Filtering and Export 
Measurement History 
Advanced Features
Multiple User Accounts 
Remote Application 
Embedded Web Server 
SNMP Monitoring (MIB: Measurements, Alarms) 
Factory Reset / Save / Restore / Maintenance User 
Alarm Notifications
SNMP (up to 4 IP addresses) 
Email (1 user or group) 
SMS (1 user or group)TF01174 (GSM modem)
Remote Facility Control
Advanced Scripting Capabilities 
Customized Remote View(s) 
SNMP Concentrator (10 Devices) 
SNMP Extension (5 Additional Devices)CD00064
RS232 / RS485 DriversCD00039
Telemetry Boards (Status, Relays, Metering)TF00249-A0
RF Input, ASI Input, IP input 
ASI Output 
Communication Ports: Serial port, USB, Ethernet 
Front Panel Indicators (LCD screen + Alarms + Buttons) 
Technical Specification
ETSI StandardETSI EN 302 755 (1.3.1 supported)
Frequency Bands50 MHz to 862 MHz
Return Loss> 13 dB
Input LevelChannel: -75 to –30 dBm / Full band: -50 to –10 dBm
MER LevelProbe mode : up to 42dB
Network ModeMFN / SFN
Frequency TunableWithin VHF III and UHF IV-V-VI
Offset SelectableAuto
ETR 101290Yes
Channel Bandwidths5, 6, 7 and 8 MHz 
FFT Size1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, e8K, 16K, e16K, 32K, e32K
Guard Interval1/128, 1/32, 1/16, 19/256, 1/8, 19/128 and 1/4
Code Rate (FEC encoding)1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 or 7/8
ModulationQPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM,  rotated constellation
Hierarchical ModeSupported
Adjacent RejectionDigital > 30 dB / NorDig figures for QEF / MHz channel
Physical Specification
External Dimensions (W / L / H)48 cm (19”) x 32.5 cm (12” ¾) x 2U
Weight≈ 6,70 kg – 14.77 lbs
Main Power Supply100-250 V / 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption≈ 60 W @ 230 VAC
Optimal PerformanceTemperatures+5°C - +45°C
Guaranteed Working Temperatures0°C - +50°C
Storage Temperatures-20°C - +70°C
Humidity10-95% non-condensing relative humidity

Order information

Software option
CD00131Picture Control
CD00129TS Structure
CD00135Spectrum Analyzer
On demandTSoIP monitoring/analysis
Hardware options
TF00249-A0Remote Control Package with GPIO cards
On demand
SNMP Extension Licenses
Compatible with any SNMP-based Network Management Systems (like Worldcast Manager)




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