Values & Mission


Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying our customers is at the core of everything we do. Product design plays an important role but it is not enough for just the product to satisfy - our staff also strives to offer the best possible service through the process of pre-sales communication and demos, order processing, delivery and tech support.

And it is working. 93% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied and we are doing our best to increase this figure every day.


WorldCast Systems places a key emphasis on Research & Development. Our engineering team is committed to developing professional, reliable, and user-friendly products that are easy-to-use and help customers minimize costs. 

Our innovative approach has been repeatedly recognized with over 28 industry awards since 2000. 

Growth and Sustainable development

We strive to be ever-mindful of our impact on the environment. Our products are designed to be as efficient as possible to lower energy consumption and also as compact as possible to reduce shipping and packaging. 

Our own facilities have been designed for low energy and we have even established a charitable foundation, Proximité Carbone dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and promoting reforestation through the planting of trees and shrubs in the vineyards of Bordeaux.


Keep your Audience Loyal


Building and maintaining a loyal and engaged audience base is a core aim of every broadcaster. While content plays an important role in this, the role of a broadcast engineer in ensuring that the content is delivered free of interruption, free of degradation and with the highest quality, is no less vital.

At WorldCast Systems, we design and develop equipment that provides peace of mind to the broadcast engineer responsible for keeping their station on air. Our products offer exceptional audio performance and rock-solid reliability with high quality parts and manufacturing.

If a problem does occur, we offer a wide range of features enabling back-up, failsafe, switching and redundancy to ensure that your listeners stay blissfully unaware of any technical problems. Happy listeners, happy advertisers, happy broadcast engineer…

Reduce your opex


We understand the budgetary pressures felt by many of our broadcast customers and aim to ease this pressure by delivering broadcast equipment that is not only competitive at the time of purchase but that continues to save you money throughout the product’s lifespan.

Examples of this approach include our award-winning SureStream technology that enables a broadcaster to make huge savings in their telecom bills with no loss of quality or reliability or ECRESO FM Transmitters which offer the highest efficiency available so that a broadcaster’s energy bills can be significantly reduced.

Several WorldCast products including FM Transmitters and Measurement equipment come packed full of features that would otherwise require the user to purchase additional devices. For efficiency, cost savings, and to minimize occupied rack space, combining multiple functions into a single unit just makes sense!

Delivering significant operational savings and efficiencies means that many of our products pay for themselves within just a few months.



No matter what size your station, your network infrastructure is a highly important asset that likely represents a significant investment. WorldCast Systems has developed, and continues to develop many tools that seek to protect this investment by maintaining your site(s) in optimum operating conditions and ensure they are delivering the maximum possible value.

WorldCast products can detect small variations in signal quality, a transmitter part approaching burnout, an out-of-tolerance parameter or technical issues on a remote site so that corrective action can be taken. With ScriptEasy software, this action can even happen automatically before you are alerted to the fault!

Maintaining the equipment and site within the recommended operating ranges can help extend equipment life by many years.

It’s not just about maintenance but also maximizing the value delivered by your network. Our mobile coverage tools can show you areas that could benefit from extra signal or antenna corrections to ensure your broadcast is reaching the maximum potential audience. We want to make sure you get the most out of your sites!