Professional Associations

WorldCast Systems as a company and many of our staff as individuals support and cooperate with a number of industry associations and organizations. In doing so, we contribute to shaping the future of our industry, influencing the development of new standards and promoting new technologies.

WorldCast Systems RDS Forum

WorldCast Systems is a founding and active member of the RDS Forum. It is a non-profit international professional industry association that has the objective to promote and maintain the RDS technology primarily to enable automated tuning in mobile FM radio receivers.

WorldCast Systems EBU logo

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media (PSM). WorldCast Systems have regularly contributed to working groups and standards within it, particularly in the area of audio over IP.

WorldCast Systems SBE Logo

WorldCast Systems are regular contributors at SBE gatherings throughout the United States. With over 5,500 members and 100 local chapters, the Society of Broadcast Engineers provides a forum for ideas and information.

WorldCast Systems IABM logo

A non-profit trade organization, the IABM is the International Association for Broadcast & Media Technology Suppliers whose members represent over 80% of the broadcast and entertainment technology market’s revenues. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

WorldCast Systems AES logo

The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Currently, over 13,000 members are affiliated with more than 75 AES professional sections and more than 95 AES student sections around the world. Section activities may include guest speakers, technical tours, demonstrations and social functions.

WorldCast Systems DVB Logo

Having designed several products for DVB monitoring, WorldCast Systems takes a great interest  in the work of DVB, the industry-led consortium of the world’s leading digital TV and technology companies. We regularly exhibit at conferences and expos which are organized by the consortium.

WorldCast Systems Aerospace Valley logo

WorldCast Systems is a member of Aerospace Valley, the most significant innovation cluster in France, specializing in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems. It operates within the framework of the general French “pôle de compétitivité” program, which aims to stimulate employment by fostering local and regional competencies in technical and economic areas.