Installed on a powerful data server, this global network monitoring solution can link a wide network of SNMP-enabled devices across multiple locations. It offers network discovery for automatic configuration, a friendly user interface and an in-built library of MIB files from leading broadcast manufacturers.

It is a truly scalable solution that can be used as a simple monitoring system for a single station as well as a total control solution for an international network. Whatever the size, the status of the entire network can be visualized at a glance on a map-based view.


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Comprehensive supervision of all SNMP-enabled units
  • Real-time monitoring with alarm and measurement display
  • Event logging & measurement archive
  • Alarm notification via SMS or Email


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • At-a-glance overview of detailed information
  • Map-based display of unit locations
  • Automatic configuration based on network discovery
  • Simple dashboard compatible with mobile devices
  • One-click access to web-based control Interfaces


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • 24/7 data tracking and access
  • No need to be a SNMP expert
  • Inbuilt MIB library for effortless configuration
  • Scalable for all budgets and future expansion


  • Monitor SNMP devices from any manufacturer
  • Automatic monitoring configuration based on network discovery
  • View Multiple Site/Devices status on a Single Central Server
  • Group sites and grant different access levels & permissions
  • See Alarms & Access Remote Web User Interface
  • Select which alarms to display depending on severity
  • Review recorded measurements from equipment in the field
  • Receive alarms by email, SMS or voice message
  • Simple dashboard compatible with mobile devices
WorldCast Manager Server Responsive design

Views compatible with mobile devices


WorldCast MANAGER Server Locate and identify your sites

Locate and identify your sites

WorldCast Manager Server Discover all devices

Discover all devices on your network


Library of supported devices

Library of supported devices

WorldCast MANAGER Server Set the type of alarm notification  required

Set the type of alarm notification  required


Worldcast MANAGER Server Assigns user rights

Assign user rights

WorldCast MANAGER server See details of any alarms

See details of any alarm or measurement

WorldCast MANAGER SNMP Device

Download your SNMP equipment Driver 

A library of equipment drivers is installed with the WorldCast Manager and our team is constantly striving to expand it.

You can download the drivers originally included with the application as well as a selection of newly created drivers from our website to install or reinstall. If your product is not in the list, send us the MIB files of your SNMP devices from any manufacturer and we will create the drivers for you.

Download Drivers

How do you install a driver ?

  • Download the driver (.zip file)
  • Open the WorldCast Manager 
  • Display the supported products page (link on the home page)
  • Click the Import button of the “Product Family” panel
  • Select the new driver
  • Reload the page: the new product can be seen within its family




SNMP-enabled devices can be seamlessly integrated into the WorldCast Manager software but what about devices without SNMP compatibility?

The AUDEMAT CONTROL Silver, a member of our remote control family of products, can act as a local hub to interface with one or several legacy products within the network. It enables connections based on more traditional methods such as digital, analog or audio inputs, relays and serial transfer.


Current Version: 3.3

Minimum Server requirements

Processor (CPU)Intel Xeon E3 (Xeon E5 recommended from 500 devices)
Operating SystemUbuntu version 14.04 or latest
Memory16 GB (32GB recommended from 500 devices)
Storage4 TB (for configuration, measurements, events storage over several years)
Optional GSM modem for SMS notifications

Minimum Client requirements

DeviceWindows/macOS workstation or recent Smartphone device
Web browserFireFox 43+, Chrome 50+, Edge, Safari

Order information

Annual Subscription License available

License cost depends on the number of monitored SNMP devices: up to 10, up to 25, up to 50, up to 100, up to 250, up to 500, up to 1000, unlimited.

An Enterprise edition is also available - contact us for more information

Support contract included with all offers
SNMP driver creation: Free of charge as part of a deployment (limited time only)
Configuration/commissioning on site: free of charge from 100 Unit License upwards*
Training: Free of charge via webex or on-site from 100 Unit License upwards*

Technical Support Hotline (support contract required):  office hours or 24/7 from 100 Unit License upwards

*Travel expenses not included.



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