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6 Tips To Protect Your FM Investment
& Lower Your OPEX

By David Houze, Chantal Fourgeaud
WorldCast Systems (2020)


60+ years and thousands of units deployed worldwide reflects our passion and deep expertise in FM broadcast solutions. It is through this extensive experience that our Ecreso range consistently offers the level of quality and performance expected from major networks and stations, as well as community radios.

We understand that to stay On-Air and to offer the best listening experience is vital for radio broadcasters, as is cost savings, especially in today's challenging environment.

What are the factors you should keep your eye out for to protect your investment and achieve the best Total Cost of Ownership? 


Here are some of our our top recommendations on

"How to protect your transmitter investment & lower your operating costs".


#1: Look for the highest efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important selection criteria for transmitters when measuring operating costs as it has a direct technical and financial impact on your station. Higher efficiency means you can broadcast at the same power level while reducing your utility power consumption and heat dissipation. 

Factors that play into improving efficiency

  • innovative design such as planar design on RF stages,
  • the use of passive modules when possible,
  • including a digital modulator that provides a pure and high quality audio fidelity
  • and many built-in features (sound processor, remote control & monitoring, audio silence detection, stereo encoder, RDS encoder,...)

The result? An unrivalled level of OPEX savings!

With Ecreso transmitters, the efficiency reaches up to 76% on the Ecreso FM 3kW & 5/10kW, thanks to their advanced design and 6th generation MOSFET.  


Ecreso transmitters have a standard 3-year warranty and an optional 10-year warranty. We can confidently offer this thanks to their exceptional design quality, outstanding efficiency, and advanced diagnostics capabilities.

#2: Align high reliability with low cost of maintenance & repairs

We all want the most rock-solid solution!  So what are the things to look for to measure your transmitters' robustness and, for when the time comes, its ease of repair & maintenance? 

Some questions to ask are:

  • Has the transmitter undergone rigorous testing? These include Burn-In Testing, Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT), Parts Stress Analysis (PSA), Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • How does it compare to others in terms of power supply protection? Is there an optional surge suppressor module?
  • Is there an automatic switchover?
  • Is it designed for easy maintenance to maximize on-air time?
  • Does it come with a warranty? And how long is it valid?

#3: Leverage innovative technology to boost energy savings.

In addition to robust design, onboard features, and efficiency which all play into lowering one's OPEX...there now exist new innovative software technology which can also accelerate energy savings. With the pressure of rising energy costs and, thankfully, companies' growing concern for global warming, improving energy savings is increasingly a key factor in transmitter selection. 

Among these new technologies is SmartFM, developed and worldwide patented by WorldCast Systems. This sophisticated algorithm, or AI, enables broadcasters up to 40% energy savings. Beyond lowering business expenses, it improves Total Cost of Ownership by extending transmitter lifespan with less stress, less electricity consumption, cooling system requirements and less transmitter maintenance. 

If you broadcast with Ecreso -> activate SmartFM!
WHY? By simply activating SmartFM on your Ecreso transmitters, you will quickly see substantial savings on your energy bills AND lower CO2 emissions!  More on SmartFM 


#4: Secure your equipment from internet cyberattacks

In recent months, many companies declare having lost data due to the increase of cyberattacks worldwide.

It is, now more than ever, critical to protect your transmitter over the Internet. The most powerful method to protect it from an unwanted connection consists in using a robust & secured router each time a transmitter can be reached by public internet. By doing so, most of the classic attacks (scripting, Deny Of Services, hacking, etc.) will be blocked.  

In addition, you should prefer, as often as possible, up-to-date technologies to connect to your transmitters to avoid known security breaches on your network.


While many manufacturers still use technologies which are no longer supported or without security such as Java Flash or  HTTP exchanges, WorldCast Systems decided, some years ago,  to switch from HTTP to HTTPS protocol – which encrypts the communication between the remote operators and the transmitter – in order to protect your transmitter from unauthorized access, protect your data and prevent OFF-AIR for your station!


#5: Improve team efficiency & reduce downtime with remote access

Remote access to the transmitter is a vital feature for a radio that wants to increase its ON-AIR availability rate!


  • Reason 1: Reduce the OFF-AIR time with remote diagnosis and prevent multiple on-site visits to fix the faults.
  • Reason 2: Be informed as soon as an event is triggered (hardware failure, audio silence, maintenance required, …)
  • Reason 3: Adjust the configuration without sending technicians on-site
  • Reason 4: Benefit from the highest quality of assistance from manufacturers' support teams by providing them all the information required for investigations

#6: Schedule your maintenance proactively

Maintenance is one of the most demanding tasks on a broadcast network in terms of human resources. Today, part of the maintenance can be performed remotely when the transmitter provides a sufficient number of KPIs: fan speed, temperature, current, voltage, power and many others…

And when a KPI goes out of tolerance, technicians can notice it, diagnose the cause and schedule a maintenance when it is required.


Ecreso transmitters include a huge number of health indicators that can be remotely monitored via standard Maintenance protocol such as SNMP for integration inside a network management system  , built in email notifications on error detections or via direct connection equipment (on site or from home). In addition, each new transmitter is shipped with a free 6-month access to WorldCast Systems' Proactive EMR Cloud service.


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