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Says SmartFM can tap 40% efficiency
in its Ecreso transmitters


by Radio World Staff
Source: Radio World, August 2020

Broadcast plants are known to be large amounts of energy usage so prospective efficiency savings are important for financial performance. While there is no doubt that recent design innovations such as LDMOS and planar construction technology have made modern transmitters more efficient than their predecessors, the broadcast transmitter section still uses large amounts of energy.

WorldCast feels it has a prospective solution for its Ecreso FM transmitters, SmartFM technology. It describes its patented SmartFM technology as a sophisticated AI-based algorithm that can enable broadcasters to reduce their energy costs by up to 40% without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage.

Developed after three years of research SmartFM optimizes power consumption leading to less energy used in transmission, cooler running temperatures for lower cooling bills, less wear and tear on the transmitters leading to lower maintenance bills and a longer lifespan.

Owners of recently purchased Ecreso transmitters already have the technology installed. It merely requires activation.

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