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A wide scope of products covering the entire 

WorldCast Systems has 60+ years of experience engineering advanced radio & TV solutions for large network operators, regulation authorities, and media content providers. 
Our renowned product lines include ECRESO, APT, and AUDEMAT. We'll also be showcasing KYBIO Media, the Monitoring & Control (M&C) software developed by our sister-company CONNECT. 

AoIP and MPXoIP Transport. STL Solutions. 
FM Broadcast. RDS Encoding.
NMS. Signal Measurement. Telemetry. 


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APTmpX is the world’s first and only MPX/composite algorithm to save network bandwidth without deconstructing the original composite signal.

RDS Server

From automation to RDS encoders, the Audemat RDS Server is the ultimate tool to build a seamless, end-to-end RDS data distribution.


SynchroStream is APT's new technology for time synchronous IP transmission and playout of audio/video content.  


Some Highlights


SmartFM is a sophisticated, worldwide patented algorithm which enables broadcasters to reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions by up to 40%! With no compromise on the audio quality and coverage!

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As Solid As A 1+1

The intrinsic level of redundancy in the 5kW-10kW is similar to a standard 1+1 system with significantly lower costs.

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This powerful and extensible monitoring and control (M&C) software unifies the monitoring of all IP connected devices across one or multiple sites, and offers a unique combination of modules.

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Meet The Team


Christophe Poulain


Nicolas Boulay


Grégory Mercier

Director Product Marketing & Pre/Post Sales Support

Lucile Rios

Sales & Marketing Asst. Director

Sonia Marmouri

Kybio Operations & Customer Success Director

Chantal Fourgeaud

Director of Marketing Communication

Hartmut Foerster

APT Product Manager 

Julien Libeau

Product Manager

David Houzé

Product Manager

Kevin Campbell

APAC / Americas APT Sales Director

Simon Daniels

Sales Manager
Central & Northern Europe + UK

Philippe Codogno

Sales Manager
France - French speaking Africa

Tatiana Lisman

Sales Manager
Latin America & Spain

Anastasiia Nikitina

Sales ManagerRussia, CIS, East Africa

Diana Arsene

Sales Manager

Guillaume Boutin

Sales Manager
Asia (Audemat & Ecreso), Middle East, South Africa, Ireland

Patrick Woolcocks

KYBIO Sales Manager
Europe, North America & Middle East

Victor Bidot

Sales Manager
China, Asia (KYBIO)

Antoine De Montety

Sales Manager
Brasil, Turkey, Portugal, Portuguese speaking Africa


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