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ams – Radio and MediaSolutions
relies on KYBIO (WorldCast Manager) for advanced monitoring of radio broadcast equipment


User: Mario Schoemitz, IT Business Manager, ams - Radio and MediaSolutions

Country: Germany

Product: Previously known as WorldCast Manager, KYBIO   is a vendor-agnostic, centralized Monitoring & Control platform 

Main benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Powerful analytics
  • Unified view of all transmission sites
  • Timeline with event correlation
  • Automation report generation


ams - Radio and MediaSolutions is a radio solution provider for 7 local radio stations around Bielefeld, Germany, as well as a technical support provider to 12 radio stations in the area. As one of KYBIO's early adopters and a user since 2017, Mario Schoemitz, IT Business Manager at ams - Radio and MediaSolutions responsible for the broadcast technology area, shares with us the company’s experience using the monitoring platform. 


“I recommend [KYBIO] as a very powerful tool for all broadcasters; it is very easy to use and gives users all the information that they need for monitoring multiple sites.”



As a solutions provider for radio broadcasters, ams - Radio and MediaSolutions is entrusted to oversee, across multiple sites, an important number of FM broadcast equipment from different vendors for IP transport, media processing, and FM transmission. In 2017, the company was looking for a new, reliable and easy-to-use monitoring solution which would provide them real-time status, alarms, and other advanced modules to optimize their workflow, maximize equipment uptime, and overall support them in delivering the best service to their customers, at the level expected of a reputable solutions provider.  



KYBIO is an enterprise, end-to-end and multi-vendor Monitoring and Control software for broadcast and media. It enables users to oversee their entire ecosystem across a single unified view, to centralize data, and to streamline the management of IP-enabled gear and technology.

Highly scalable and open, KYBIO plugs in to any third-party or in-house technology with open protocols and APIs, and functions on an open-driver policy. Whether broadcasters need to monitor a small or highly complex infrastructure, WorldCast Manager offers scale and resiliency.  

Its unique combination of modules enables users to

  • maximize their equipment uptime thanks to real-time alarms, notifications, time-based reporting and root cause analysis 
  • save time for operations with time management features, event resolution tracking, and advanced control for remote actions over connected equipment with industry standard protocols
  •  make actional insights by aggregating data from multiple equipment and locations, then transforming that data into comprehensible, visual insights and reports

ams - Radio and MediaSolutions uses KYBIO for monitoring, reporting, and analyzing events for their customers. It directly informs their technicians in the case of major events, enabling fast intervention.  



KYBIO has, according to Mario, significantly improved his team’s workflow. Thanks to the platform’s user friendliness and range of functions, it makes it easy for everyone at the company to oversee all events at each transmitter site, across one, single view.  

“We’ve recently upgraded to the newest version and we are very excited about the new modules. The best aspect for us is the analytics. We can compare all events in the timeline and see relationships between events”.  Highly time-saving, the new reporting module is also much appreciated for quickly generating updates for their customers.

When asked if he would recommend KYBIO to others, Mario answered:

“Yes, I recommend the KYBIO (WorldCast Manager) as a very powerful tool for all broadcasters; it is very easy to use and gives users all the information that they need for monitoring multiple sites.”