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In a complex environment with high risks for technical staff, there is a need for a system to facilitate & secure maintenance and antenna switching operations.

A complete solution for your team to maintain full control, and more importantly, perform safe and seamless antenna and RF Switch operations.

We've packaged a high performance RF switches controller along with a monitoring/data collection software for complete control at your transmitter site.  

This solution can be of benefit to any size or type of RF installation, and is capable of monitoring many sites if desired.


Solution Benefits

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Greater Resilience

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High Flexibility

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Full Control


Success Story


As part of the TV repack operation in the United States, two WorldCast Group companies, WorldCast Systems and CONNECT, were chosen to develop and supply an Antenna Switch Controller System along with a unified monitoring platform for the RF operations (DTV and FM) of Sutro Tower. Overlooking San Francisco from its 977-foot-high steel tower, Sutro Tower is a major broadcast site delivering clear signals for television and radio stations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Sutro Tower, San Francisco, CA.


Professional Services Tailored To Your Project

Full Customization

  • Custom views of status and data
  • User-specific presets for common switch positions
  • Custom front panels specific to user



  • Any number of stations/switches
  • Secure user-specific remote access
  • Any arrangement/sharing of RF components



  • On-site installation support/training
  • Remote or on-site ongoing training
  • Update/new feature training



Solution Overview.

A centralized monitoring & control software to
oversee all connected equipment



KYBIO Media (aka WorldCast Manager) is a vendor-agnostic, centralized Monitoring & Control platform empowering businesses with real-time monitoring of their entire ecosystem, no matter how complex. 



A single, centralized unit to automatically move RF switches 

Ecreso Switch Controller

Ecreso Switch Controller

The new Ecreso Switch Controller (ESC) is a single, centralized unit which automatically moves RF switches at transmitter sites for analogue or digital Radio or TV.