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Innovative and feature-packed, the Audemat RDS Encoder elevates RDS encoding to a level of signal quality and spectral purity never before achieved. 

After the worldwide success of the Audemat FMB80 RDS encoder, this new, more advanced version is a worthy successor that will meet the needs of the most demanding broadcasters and stations for modern RDS encoding. 

It meets the highest standards of excellence and is the first and only RDS encoder to meet the latest norms, a built-in FM tuner, and MPX/Composite over AES. With its MPX over AES compatibility, the Audemat RDS Encoder enables the addition of RDS information directly into a digital chain, ensuring not only optimal spectral purity and quality but also enables broadcasters to pass seamlessly to a fully digital environment.


Current Version: 1.2.0


Product Benefits

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Highly involved in advancing radio solutions and as an active member of the RDS forum, WorldCast Systems meets the highest standards of excellence backed by over 25 years of field-proven experience. Always meets the latest industry norms including the latest IEC62106 and RDS2 readiness.

Highest Signal Purity

Signal Purity

With the Audemat RDS Encoder and its built-in digital MPX over AES feature, a new level of signal quality is available to improve the entire broadcast chain. With its great digital signal generation, the product achieves a floor noise below -80dBrin analogic mode and -110 dBr with digital.

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Easy Installation
& Maintenance

For maximum ease of use, the Audemat RDS Encoder comes with a built-in FM tuner for on-air monitoring of RDS information, ScriptEasy for advanced telemetry, and a responsive web interface.


Key Numbers


1st company RDS encoder


RDS experience


RDS encoders sold



Highest spectral purity & quality:
A study of the Audemat RDS Encoder


Key Applications

  • Identify the station
  • Automatically retune between transmitters of the same program
  • Display song titles and artist information on receivers
  • Traffic Annoucements
  • Interactive radio (RT+)
  • Future applications (ODA application)
  • Traffic Message Channel 
  • Emergency Warning System
Audemat RDS Encoder schema

Unique Features

MPX/Composite over AES I/O compatibility

Seamless Transition To Digital

With its MPX/Composite over AES I/O compatibility, the Audemat RDS Encoder is the only RDS encoder on the market enabling the addition of RDS information directly into a full digital chain. The result - the highest level of spectral purity and quality on the market.

MPX Over AES compatibility schema


Better User Experience. More Revenue Streams.

RDS2 opens opportunities for stations branding, new revenue streams through advertising, and a better overall user experience for listeners. Characterized by adding 3 additional subcarriers to the standard, RDS2 will enable broadcasters to send small files such as a station logo or the cover of an album. This feature is part of one of several improvements to the standard, such as a new type of PS that allows UTF8 encoding of desired characters. 


Built-In FM Tuner

Practical. Space-Saving. Cost-Saving.

Exclusive to the Audemat RDS Encoder, customers benefit from a Built-In FM Tuner for on-air monitoring of RDS information. With the Built-In FM Tuner, radios and broadcasters can now monitor basic RDS information using a single product unit.


Advanced Communication Solutions

Audemat RDS Encoder is accompanied with a range of monitoring, 
management, and control solutions.

Responsive web interface

Responsive web interface

ScriptEasy logo

Advanced telemetry

Kybio NMS

Unified SNMP Monitoring & Control


See Brochure For Technical Specifications


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