The broadcaster's gateway to
efficient RDS data distribution


From automation to RDS encoders, the Audemat RDS Server is the ultimate tool to build a seamless, end-to-end RDS data distribution.

The Audemat RDS Server is the ultimate tool to send your Now Playing data to your RDS encoders’ network. Working as a gateway between the Automation software and the RDS encoder, the server can configure the most advanced RDS encoder settings and convert all automation formats to UECP in order to address all RDS encoders.

Using ODA? No problem! Just send your data to the Audemat RDS Server and it will route it to every encoder in your network.

Powerful. adaptable and easy-to-use, the Audemat RDS Server will bring you more efficiency, save your team time, and enable you to focus on delivering a great user experience to your customers.




For over 25 years WorldCast Systems’ Audemat RDS encoders are renowned for UECP compatibility. Now this expertise is available in a server to work with all existing encoders, regardless of the brand.

More Efficiency
& Simplicity

The Audemat RDS Server is your solution to handle all automation software and make your job easier! Thanks to this powerful solution, you no longer need to spend time configuring Now Playing data. Not just that, it helps you send more content with your radio signal.

Open Architecture &

Designed with Audemat’s RDS experience and Cameon’s software expertise, the Audemat RDS Server is ready to handle future changes with Automation workflow or RDS modifications. We have developed a powerful and scalable platform that is ready for RDS2 and future broadcast technologies to come.


General Workflow

Automation > Configure > Monitor




  • Works with all Automation software with a powerful software engine.
  • Use one or multiple sources.
  • Communicate with all network protocols.




  • Configure the Now Playing information to send with RDS data.
  • Send to a fleet of encoders via IP, satellite or serial.
  • Each UECP parameter can be sent to all encoders independently.



  • Monitor each individual UECP stream.
  • SNMP monitoring available.
  • Check if RDS encoders are configured correctly.


  • Deploys on a hardware or virtual machine
  • Compatible with multiple input formats such as JSON, XML, CSV.
  • Security by Design Principles according to OWASP
  • Full UECP 
  • Compatible both with RDS and RDS2 standards

User-friendly interface


Services Tailored To Your Needs


The Audemat RDS Server has a powerful built-in format converter for maximum compatibility with any automation software delivering data. 
The configuration of this converter tool can be performed in-house by your team or with the assistance of WorldCast Systems experts. 
Inputs like FTP files (XML, JSON, CSV, or custom) can be used for the on-demand configuration 
as can UDP or TCP streams. Information can also be retrieved from an HTTP REST API.