The AUDEMAT CONTROL Modular (formerly known as IP2Choice) is a modular system for remote site management and monitoring. It can be configured to connect with any equipment at a site through traditional status and metering inputs as well as commands (relays).  The AUDEMAT CONTROL Modular is also capable of advanced connections to other equipment using serial protocols or SNMP via an IP network.

Once configured, all units linked to the AUDEMAT CONTROL Modular can be monitored and controlled both locally and remotely via a variety of communications modes. Equipped with Audemat's sophisticated ScriptEasy software, the AUDEMAT CONTROL Modular can also trigger automatic actions providing a complete management solution.



Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Monitoring and alarm control of almost all equipment installed at remote sites
  • Powered by ScriptEasy, the smartest graphical tool in the market
  • Completely autonomous on-site, it can handle all cases of out-of tolerance conditions


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • Complete set of tools and functions to build simple or complex scripts
  • Flexible alarm and notification rules via Email, SNMP and optionally SMS and Voice/DTMF Phone Alert calls
  • User friendly and customizable web dashboard using MasterView


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • 24/7 data tracking and access
  • Reduced downtime and fewer engineering visits
  • Detection of degradation or interruption of service for protection of network investment
  • Scalable solution for all sites, from small to large configurations


  • Control and monitoring of all equipment at a remote site
  • Number and type of GPIOs configurable to meet the demands of the site
  • Accomodates up to 12 I/O boards
  • Connect to the external unit through digital/analog/audio inputs, relays, serial ports or through IP (SNMP, PING)
  • Remote communication through LAN/WAN, 3G, GSM, CDMA, PSTN...
  • HTTP or HTTPS secured access for the views and commands 
  • User rights management allowing access in admin, guest or maintenance mode
  • ScriptEasy software for configuration, remote administration & automatic actions
  • MasterView (web or application) for end-user views of data and control
  • Notifications via Email, SMS, SNMP and Voice/DTMF Phone Alert calls
  • Monitoring of up to 10 SNMP devices. More available on request
 Audemat Control Modular

Control inteligente con ScriptEasy

ScriptEasy es el software revolucionario de control de infraestructura que da a los usuarios el poder y la flexibilidad de crear sitios "Inteligentes" que puedan, automáticamente, tomar medidas para corregir los errores críticos que afecten el funcionamiento. Con una interfaz gráfica de usuario (GUI) intuitiva, ScriptEasy permite que las operaciones del sitio estén "guionadas" (en scripts), para permitir la evaluación de varios parámetros e, incluso, activar automáticamente los sistemas de respaldo, alertando, al mismo tiempo, al personal técnico correspondiente.

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Conectado con el WorldCast Manager

WorldCast Manager simplifica la gestión de todos los dispositivos con SNMP habilitado dentro de la red, indica su estado en tiempo real y permite la visualización de varios dispositivos desde una sola pantalla. La interfaz intuitiva y fácil de usar muestra todos los dispositivos ubicados en sus sitios con información de cada producto, envía alertas de alarma y proporciona acceso con un clic a la interfaz de control web de la unidad.

The WorldCast Manager is compatible with all WorldCast Systems’ equipment as well as SNMP devices from ANY manufacturer.

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WorldCast Manager

logo WorldCast Manager

WorldCast Manager


Schema audemat control modular


Remote Equipment Control:

  • Remotely configure Transmitters, Feeds, Satellites, any related equipment…
  • Monitor equipment remotely (measurements, status)
  • Program alarms to activate at certain value thresholds
  • Program automatic actions based on scripts
  • Single or multi site management


Technical Site Management:

  • Manage incoming and outgoing feeds
  • Monitor electrical consumption and protection
  • Perform operational and maintenance services
  • Security



Preventive Maintenance:

  • Any variation alerts operator before the equipment fails
user report

Informe de usuario

En general, AUDEMAT Control Modular nos ha proporcionado una solución robusta que ofrece un excelente rendimiento y facilita la gestión remota de nuestras grandes redes o sitios».  
Amill Lone, MBC, Arabia Saudí


Current version: 4.2.1

Physical Specification
Status inputs16 per board (max 8 boards - 128 inputs) 5-25 VDC ext or closure contact 
Metering inputs8 per board (max 5 boards - 40 inputs) 12-bit - 0/+50 VDC (4 ranges) 
Relays8 per board (max 8 boards - 64 relays) 1A @ 50VDC per relay
Weight1~6 kg (13 ½ lbs.) 
Main power supply100-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz 
Power ConsumptionMax: 60 W (with all telemetry boards) @ 230 VAC 
Optimal Performance Temperatures5°C to  +45° C
Guaranteed Working Temperatures0° to 50 ° C
Storage Temperatures-20°C to +70° C
Humidity10-95% non-condensing relative humidity

Also available: 


The AUDEMAT CONTROL is a feature-packed platform offering a large number of input and output connections in a 1RU enclosure. It provides 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs and 24 analog inputs.  Features include SNMP monitoring of multiple devices, the ability to listen to audio remotely and a voice modem with DTMF capabilities. More + 


The AUDEMAT CONTROL Silver (formerly known as Mini Control Silver) is a compact, DIN Rail mountable system for site management and monitoring. It can be configured to connect with any equipment at a site through traditional status and metering inputs and commands (relays).   More + 

Información del pedido

TF00973-A0AUDEMAT CONTROL Modular + telemetry pack  (8 relays, 16 status and 8 metering inputs)
TF00165-C0Phone Alert  & DTMF commands
On demand
SNMP concentrator licenses
Additional telemetry boards (audio, status, metering inputs or relays) and list of accessories and sensors




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