Audemat DAB ProbeThe Audemat DAB Probe is a complete DAB radio monitoring solution to perform advanced signal analysis, on-site and of broadcast coverage area.

Designed to be installed in MFN or SFN networks (Single or Multiple Frequency Networks), the Audemat DAB Probe is feature-packed with a user-friendly web interface, alarm notification by email or SNMP traps, and is equipped with telemetry board (via ScriptEasy) and audio output connectors. The advanced software tools provide a deep signal and content analysis with impulse response representation, TII, audio streaming, ETI recording, and more. Also designed for optimal monitoring of the user experience, Audemat DAB Probe includes visual slide-shows, DLS and services display to enable users to hear and see in real-time the same content as their audience of listeners.



Audemat DAB Probe benefits:

AUDEMAT DAB PROBE Monitoring Expertise


Monitoring Expertise
Audemat DAB Probe is the result of the company’s 25 years of expertise developing analog and digital signal monitoring solutions for radio & TV. The Audemat range is recognized worldwide for its level of quality, accuracy, and reliability.

AUDEMAT DAB PROBE Time & Operational Cost Saving


Time & Operational Cost Saving
Users benefit from standard tools to remotely control the quality of their DAB broadcast as well as the good operating conditions of their facility.

AUDEMAT DAB PROBE Comprehensive & Scalable Platform

Comprehensive & Scalable Platform
Designed to meet market needs after extensive customer feedback, Audemat DAB Probe is a feature-rich hardware platform that is ready for optimal performance of monitoring, measurement, and analysis. Highly scalable, it can be enhanced with new software versions or options through a simple, remote upgrade.


Engineered for:

Service Operator

  • Ensure the conformity with the broadcasting rules
  • Ensure the quality and the continuity of the RF signals
  • Remotely control the facility and do the first troubleshooting

Content Providers

  • Monitor the quality of the broadcast services
  • Confirm their programs are ON-AIR 100% of the time
  • Check the audio presence and level
  • Verify the PAD/Audio association

Detect broadcast channels

A quick DAB band scan is available to visualize the DAB spectrum. It also can be used to facilitate the monitoring configuration.

AUDEMAT DAB Probe Detect broadcast channelsScan

Qualify the MUX reception quality

The advanced measurements and relevant parameter values are represented graphically. The trends can be consulted over 3 rolling months.

AUDEMAT DAB ProbeQualify the MUX reception qualityRF Measurements

Monitor an SFN network

To detect any failure or variation, the decoding of the TII enable transmitter identification and transmitter peaks (up to 5) to be evaluated by time and levels.

Analyze the content

In addition to decoding of the FIG tables, the details of each service are clearly displayed including the real audio and PAD bitrates.

Alarm notification & User management

Several user accounts can be created with personal access levels and rights. Depending on the user access level and rights configuration, an alarm notification can be sent to 1 or several users, by E-mail or SNMP, to the network management system(s).

Consult the trends

The unit stores the RF measurements over 3 sliding months in the µSD card provided in standard. The graphical representation allows the identification of trends. The 10000 last events including the alarms can also be consulted and filters are possible to find out relevant information.
This data can be exported in CSV file format.

Stream the service / ON-AIR VERIFICATION

Following an alarm, on-air verification is possible. Users can remotely stream the audio, in compressed or in native format, and visual the associated DSL and MOT (slide).

AUDEMAT DAB Probe Stream the service / ON-AIR VERIFICATIONAudio Streaming

On-site facility management

Using the physical inputs/outputs or SNMP commands, it is possible to monitor and control almost all the devices or sensors to combine the information and verify the status of the entire transmitter site.

AUDEMAT DAB Probe On-site facility managementFIG Tables

Control inteligente con ScriptEasy

ScriptEasy es el software revolucionario de control de infraestructura que da a los usuarios el poder y la flexibilidad de crear sitios "Inteligentes" que puedan, automáticamente, tomar medidas para corregir los errores críticos que afecten el funcionamiento. Con una interfaz gráfica de usuario (GUI) intuitiva, ScriptEasy permite que las operaciones del sitio estén "guionadas" (en scripts), para permitir la evaluación de varios parámetros e, incluso, activar automáticamente los sistemas de respaldo, alertando, al mismo tiempo, al personal técnico correspondiente.

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Conectado con el WorldCast Manager

WorldCast Manager simplifica la gestión de todos los dispositivos con SNMP habilitado dentro de la red, indica su estado en tiempo real y permite la visualización de varios dispositivos desde una sola pantalla. La interfaz intuitiva y fácil de usar muestra todos los dispositivos ubicados en sus sitios con información de cada producto, envía alertas de alarma y proporciona acceso con un clic a la interfaz de control web de la unidad.

The WorldCast Manager is compatible with all WorldCast Systems’ equipment as well as SNMP devices from ANY manufacturer.

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WorldCast Manager

logo WorldCast Manager

WorldCast Manager


AUDEMAT DAB PROBE Supervision center application


AUDEMAT DAB PROBE Application car display


Última versión: 2.1.1

Audemat DAB Probe rear panel

Main functions

RF parametersMeasurementMonitoring
DAB, DAB+ DMB / Band III, Mode IX 
Reception levelXX
Freq offset (internal reference)XX
TII: Transmitter Identification InformationXX
Transmitter SFN freq PeakXX
Shoulders measurement¹, Link Margin¹XX


Content parameters DecodingMonitoring
Mode, service modeX
Protection infoX
Current CU and addressX
Ensemble labelX
Country, language, date/timeX
Service list & IDX
Component list & IDX
Dynamic label, PTYX

FIG Tables

DAB, DAB+: Audio functions  
Audio Level (L+R)XX
Audio BitrateX 
Audio streaming with Slide Show, DLS 
Native format or MP3 (8 to 320 kbps)
Recording and history
ETI recording (data flow)1 minute on request
Readings with export in CSV format24h in RAM and 3 months on supplied µSD card
Event log with export in CSV format10 000 last events with filters

X  : standard   o :  included in the ensemble structure monitoring 

RF Inputs1 x BNC1 to 3 depending on version¹ - BNC type (Max 2 for DAB, 1 for future use)
Audio OutputsAnalog2 x XLRLeft+Right 
 Digital1 x XLRAES
 Headphone1 x Jack6,35 mm on front panel
TelemetryRelays8SPDT 1A-30V
 Digital inputs16Internal or external power supply (5-25VDC)
 Metering inputs40-50V (4 ranges-ADC: 10 bits)
µSD drive Slot1For measurements history storage
Screen1 x OLEDFor basic configurations,  consultation of current measurements and alarms
LED indicators4Alarm status LEDs on the front panel
LAN ports2RJ45 ports Base-T 10/100/1000M
Power Connector1 IEC type 
ETI-NI (G703) output board OptionalFactory mount. BNC connector.
1PPS/10MHz boardOptional¹Factory mount. BNC connector.

¹ Ask for availability

Physical Specification
External Dimensions  (W / L / H)483mm (19”) x 180mm x 1U
Weight2.35 kg
Main power supply100-240VAC / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption25VA
Temperatures0°C to 50 °C / 32°F to 122°F
Storage temperatures-30°C to 80°C / -22°F to 176°F
Humidity10-95% non condensing relative humidity

Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice - 07/2019

Información del pedido

TF01086AUDEMAT DAB MONITOR - Standard version including ScriptEasy
CD01011Optional dual-receiver
SP02558Optional ETI output board. Factory mount.
CD000393rd party device driver with management from ScriptEasy
CD00064ScriptEasy extension to manage 10 additional SNMP devices (1 license is already included by default)
Suggested Network Management System: WorldCast Manager




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