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Audemat MC6: Up to 20% discount for pre-orders

The Audemat MC6 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available for DAB and/or FM in the world today. 

Designed to help broadcasters, operators, and regulation authorities, it ensures the best radio service is being offered to listeners while respecting all FM and DAB regulations.

The new Audemat MC6 will be available for delivery by the end of 2023. All pre-orders benefit from a discount of up to 20%.

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Audemat MC6

Ecreso FM AiO Series: Three packs to meet your needs

Ecreso FM AiO Series

The Ecreso FM - AiO Series is the newest generation of FM broadcast transmitters by WorldCast. Thanks to a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and cost-effectiveness, it results in the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the market today. 

From 100W to 1kW, the Ecreso AiO hosts advanced built-in software including a full RDS Encoder, APT IP decoder, sound processor, and SmartFM. With its user-centric design, broadcasters simplify their FM ecosystem and replace hardware at sites for lower upfront and operational costs. 

Discover our new pricing packages, specially designed to meet your needs with our most popular feature sets. 

Choose Ecreso for your FM broadcasting and join a community of passionate radio operators and stations, on-air with 20,000+ Ecreso transmitters at 10,000 sites worldwide.



Activate your 3-month free trial of SmartFM

SmartFM is a sophisticated, worldwide patented algorithm, or AI, which enables broadcasters to reduce their energy costs by up to 40% without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage.

We now offer 3-month free trial of SmartFM for the purchase of the Ecreso FM transmitter.

As it is already on-board your Ecreso transmitter, all you have to do to benefit fully from this trial period is to configure it. Learn how to do by completing the form. 



1-year free subscription to Kybio SaaS

Kybio NMS

KYBIO cloud-based monitoring included with your product (1-year SaaS subscription free of charge):

  • Centralizes real-time data from multiple equipment and locations
  • Autoconfiguration engine of your devices
  • Dynamic dashboards and diagrams
  • Real-time alarms and notifications
  • ½ day configuration support included

*Limited to 25 WorldCast Systems devices and 1 Kybio per company. An IP link is also mandatory.


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