WorldCast Awards


As regular recipients of Industry Awards, we know the importance of having hard work, dedication and innovation rewarded. With the annual WorldCast Systems’ Broadcast Awards, we wish to acknowledge the significant role that our customers play in our success.

We want to honor those who push us to be the best and ensure that our product development, production, and customer service continue to meet, and exceed their expectations.

Details of each category are listed below

Innovation Award

Recognises the customers with the vision to deploy WorldCast Systems Products in an innovative or unusual application.

Star User Award

Recognises the loyalty of those customers who depend on WorldCast Systems for a large proportion of their broadcast needs.

Challenged Award

Aims to thank those customers whose feedback and requests enable us to continuously improve our products as well as our processes.

2018 Winners

Innovation Award 2018

Nostalgie, Côte

Star User Award 2018

UPLINK, Germany

Challenged Award 2017


2017 Winners

Innovation Award 2017


Star User Award 2017

towerCast, France

Challenged Award 2017


WorldCast Systems Broadcast award winner 2017

towerCast Star User Award winner 2017

2016 Winners

Innovation Award 2016

TheRadioHub, Norway

Star User Award 2016

Techno House, Japan

Challenged Award2016

Fana Broadcasting, Ethiopia  

WorldCast Systems Broadcast award winner 2016

Award winners 2016

2015 Winners

Innovation Award 2015

Mood Media, USA

Star User Award 2015

Sentech, South Africa

Challenged Award2015

Media Broadcast, Germany  


Award Ceremony: IBC 2015