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Integrated 5 Band Sound Processing on ECRESO FM 5kW/10kW

  29 nov. 2017

Just when you thought the ECRESO FM 5kW / 10kW Transmitter couldn’t get any better…

(In case you forgot, it already offers: 

• exceptional redundancy and efficiency,
• digital modulator
• hot swappable power amplifiers
• power supplies & fans and more...)

check out the updated video...

Now it also includes an integrated Sound Processor & Scheduler….

A new System Release for the ECRESO FM 5kW / 10kW Transmitter brings you ALL the following features: 

  • • Wideband Sound Processor 

Supplied as standard, the wideband sound processor is hosted within the digital exciter so no additional hardware (ie no point of failure!) is required. It includes a predictive AGC, HF and Final Limiters, MPX Power Limiter and customizable presets.

  • • Optional 5 Band Sound Processor

The new 5-band option offers Stereo Enhancer and Stereo Limiter, Equalizers, Bass and Treble Enhancers, 5-band processing, 5-band limiters & several additional customizable presets.  30 DAY FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE 

  • • Scheduler Functionality

You can now schedule configuration changes on your transmitter via the interface eg schedule automatic power changes at specific times.

•  ALSO Spanish & Russian languages, Added MPX over AES inputs, Intelligent Software updates & Improvements to RF recovery time and more...

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