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WorldCast ECRESO Transmitter benefits IOWA station

FM 3kw packs efficiency and range of features into compact solution



“You are kidding? That's a 3kW FM transmitter?”

That's what I thought when I saw my first Ecreso at an FM station about100 miles northwest of Dubuque, lowa. It had recently hired me for some contract engineering work. To a guy who just returned to broadcast engineering after an 18-year absence, it was a wakeup call. This Ecreso unit, built by WorldCast Systems, is known as its FM 3k W. It recently replaced the station's older main transmitter.

While I cannot take credit for the purchasing deci- sion or its installation, I can tell you that they made a great choice. It comes as a complete, compact, 3U by 19-inch rack mount unit. Modular by design, this unit boasts an efficiency of up to 76%, It is powered by a 20 A single-phase breaker (184 VAC or higher), and can also be wired for operation on three-phase power.