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3 Steps to Building a Resilient AoIP Network

  5 ago. 2016

1. Reliable delivery with SureStream

Step 1 Reliable delivery with Surestream

Revolutionary, award-winning and field-proven on hundreds of links of every description worldwide, APT SureStream technology is the acknowledged leader for high reliability links over cost effective public internet and other unmanaged networks. 

Here, the "always-on" redundancy provides rock-solid links from a single codec at the main studio to 3 transmitter sites.

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2. Encoder redundancy with ScriptEasy

2. Encoder redundancy with ScriptEasy

Developed by the innovative Audemat team, the amazing ScriptEasy embedded intelligence can allow a codec to monitor and manage itself, other codecs on the network ... even other equipment at the site! This intelligence is not available in any other codec brand.

In our Studio codec, ScriptEasy can detect any failure, and automatically switch to the back-up encoder to ensure continuity of service.

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3. Decoder redundancy with Packet Forwarding

Step 1 Reliable delivery with Surestream

With APT codecs, you can make any decode site on the network a ‘repeater’ node capable of supplying other decoders as a primary source or automated back-up. This enables re-routing of streams throughout the system to ensure the packets always reach their destination.

In the example shown, the link between the studio & downtown transmitter link has a failure on the network, severing both SureStream links. ScriptEasy detects the failure and sends a command to the Mountain TX Site to forward on a copy of the packets to the Downtown transmitter site. The packet forwarding capabilities of APT Codecs and the power of ScriptEasy have got your back!