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WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, launches Virtual ScriptEasy.

ScriptEasy is the famous facility control software developed by WorldCast Systems to create “Smart” sites and automatically correct any critical errors that affect operations. The original technology has been available for decades on most WorldCast Systems equipment, such as in Audemat products and APT codecs, and is trusted by thousands of broadcasters around the world.

Now available as a standalone software, Virtual ScriptEasy can be deployed as a service (SaaS), on a server or a compact device (On-Premise).

Featuring an intuitive Graphic Scripting Interface (logic operators, live user actions, timers, complex alarms, and more), Virtual ScriptEasy enables the creation of autonomous sites and brings intelligent monitoring and control to network scale. With the Masterview module, users can also create customized dashboards, alarms, readings and actions. Bringing intelligence to the sites or the network increases the services availability and reduces maintenance costs. Virtual ScriptEasy easily evolves as needed and is highly scalable.