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ECRESO FM 10kW goes on-air

  10 oct. 2016

10kW FM transmitter goes on-air
WorldCast Systems

By Mark Hallinger
The new Ecreso FM 10kW transmitter is making its debut to European broadcasters at IBC2016. 
The latest and most powerful FM transmitter in Ecreso’s new generation, the system is based around a fully digital FM modulator that enables excellent audio purity, claimed WorldCast. It has a wide range of built-in features such as audio back-up, RDS and Stereo encoding and an FM limiter with MPX power control.  WorldCast claimed that the reliability, redundancy and overall efficiency of its new unit are best-in-class.
The power amplifiers, power supplies and even the fan modules are fully hot-swappable and redundant, 
and a completely passive 6-way coupler ensures that, should one of the amplifiers suffer a fault, the transmitter can stay on-air with minimum power loss indefinitely until the fault is rectified. 
The highly efficient, self-monitoring power supplies contribute to an overall transmitter system efficiency of up to 76 per cent, which WorldCast claimed was the highest available in today’s FM broadcast market. 
Latest: The newest Ecreso transmitter is based around a fully digital FM modulator 

10kW FM transmitter goes on-air WorldCast Systems - IBC Daily news 11 09 2016