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The APT Mobile SureStreamer Showcasing at IBC 2018

  25 jul. 2018

The APT Mobile SureStreamer Showcasing at IBC 2018

A Mobile Network Access Solution for Live, Local Remotes and OB’s

Bordeaux, France, July 13, 2018 (no embargo date for publishing). The APT Mobile SureStreamer (MSSr), a WorldCast Systems technology, is a new Mobile Network Access solution for live and local remotes and OB’s for sports broadcasters and journalists. It improves the quality and reliability of IP audio remotes to maximize on-air time while delivering pristine, uninterrupted audio and video directly from the field.

APT MOBILE SURESTREAMERThe SureStream technology, which set an early precedent delivering flawless audio over affordable public internet links and is now well-established as the technology of choice for professional AoIP STLs, is brought to remote broadcasting with the APT Mobile SureStreamer. SureStream works by utilizing two divergent LTE or 3/4G Carriers and replicating the IP packets across both networks. Using the unique toolsets and features incorporated within SureStream, the Mobile SureStreamer delivers broadcast audio from anywhere on any network.

Some of its unique features are zero field-configuration for high user friendliness and incredible speed and simplicity of connection, a TCP-free signal chain for optimal latency of just milliseconds for real-time on-the-air broadcasting, and a single hardware unit approved for all networks. It is compact, light, robust, and comes in a protective bag so broadcasters are ready at all times to deliver live and local content to their audience.

For a demo of the APT Mobile SureStreamer, visit WorldCast Systems’ booth 8.C58 at IBC, Amsterdam, September 14-18, 2018, or book a demo now.

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