WorldCast unveils the ECRESO Switch Controller for RF sites


Miami, Florida, March 2020 (for immediate release) - WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, announces a new product to its ECRESO range, the Ecreso Switch Controller.

When designating the management of an antenna system to a dedicated switch controller, network operators are looking for a reliable, secure, cost-effective, and simple-to-use solution. This is where the new Ecreso Switch Controller comes in. The Ecreso Switch Controller (ESC) is a single, centralized unit which automatically moves RF switches at transmitter sites for analogue or digital Radio or TV.

Reliable, robust, and easy-to-use, it facilitates and secures maintenance and antenna switching operations while maintaining high uptime and staff safety. Highly configurable depending on the number of transmitters, antennas, patches or switches installed on-site, it also provides constant system control and monitoring, locally and remotely, of up to 5 antenna switches.

Other functions include status verification via dynamic synoptics and front-panel, important number of GPIOs allowing to integrate field parameters in the operation chain, Highly reliable FPGA logic for switch changes, and more.

Contact us to learn more about this new, advanced solution for antenna switches at RF transmitter sites.

Ecreso Switch controler

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