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Ecreso FM Compact Range,
New Version Now Available


Press Release - December 18, 2020

WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, announces a new version of its Ecreso FM 100W to 2000W transmitters. The new 1.9.0 release brings new features and improvements for additional control and important savings.

Ecreso FM 100W-2000W are engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding network operators and stations. These fully digital transmitters for analog FM combine reliable performance, high efficiency of up to 72%, and advanced technology into a compact, yet modular 2U or 3U chassis design. They host a multitude of onboard features including SmartFM, a patentend Artificial Intelligence, making them unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency. Also fully featured for local maintenance and configuration, the Ecreso FM 100W-2000W allow extensive remote control by Web server, SNMP, RS232 or GPIOs.

“We are committed to offering FM transmitters that always meet the highest quality standards and we hope the advanced features included in 1.9.0 will benefit network operators and broadcasters with easier maintenance, more control, and more savings. Our solutions are designed with Total Cost of Ownership and user experience in mind, and the recent enhancements reflect this.” David Houze, Product Manager at WorldCast Systems.

The 1.9.0 version includes the following:

Automation - Ecreso FM is the only transmitter now enabling you to automate a configuration change or send GPIO commands in case of specific alarms. Complementary to the scheduler features, the automation is part of the Communication Pack license.

SmartFM [V2] - SmartFM is one of WorldCast Systems’ newest and flagship innovations. This sophisticated algorithm enables broadcasters to reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%, thereby lowering expenses and their CO2 emissions. After many tests and deployments worldwide, we have updated the five saving strategies to adapt to your on-field conditions. In particular, SmartFM V2 brings you a new "Extreme Savings" strategy for when broadcasters need it most.

RDS improvements - The following RDS settings have been added to the UDP and TCP RDS console, enabling their configuration with an RDS automation software: TA, TP, PTY, DSN, MS

Also new, broadcasters can still benefit from the optional 10-year warranty or they can choose WorldCast Systems’ new Support Level Agreement, packaged for end-to-end support.

For more information on the Ecreso FM range or to request an upgrade to the 1.9.0 version, please contact us.

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