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Dougall Media Uses Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer for Accurate, Portable FM Measurement

Replacing heavier, bulkier equipment with an all-in-on “indispensable radio tool”


User: Denis Barriault, Chief Engineer
Product: AUDEMAT FM Modulation Analyzer The “little sibling” of Audemat FM MC5
Developed by: WorldCast Systems

Main benefits:

  • All-in-one portable device
  • Accurate tests & measurements
  • Lightweight (< than 5 kg/11lbs)
  • Competitive cost
  • Meets government regulations (e.g. N. American: ISED, FCC…)
A drive test with the Audemat Modulation Analyzer


Dougall Media is a privately-owned media company in Canada operating 2 television and 4 radio stations. Denis Barriault, Chief Engineer at Dougall Media shares with us his company’s experience using the AUDEMAT FM Modulation Analyzer to confirm their monthly measurements for ISED and to align their FM signals.



As required by Canadian regulation, Dougall Media is entrusted to keep their broadcasting signals within ISED published parameters. The company owns many low power FM repeaters dispersed across a 700 km region for which they must ensure accurate measurements of all FM parameters and to measure and track Carrier drift. They were also on the lookout for a single device that would enable them to perform measurements on-site without the hassle of multiple, often heavy equipment.

“I was looking for a simple, portable way to accurately verify and record with confidence our technical radio parameters.” 


A FM signal drive test with Dougall Media using Audemat Modulation Analyzer

Denis purchased his company’s first Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer while visiting the NAB show in 2018, the largest industry tradeshow in North America.

What made the difference amongst the many other options on display at the event, was that the Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer was the only solution to meet all their needs, in particular the ability to measure and track Carrier drift without removing modulation.

What is the Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer?

The Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer is a multi-purpose equipment which provides RF broadcasting and frequency deviation measurement and, as the name states, extensive modulation analysis, all packaged together in one comprehensive system. Based on a fully digital technology, it offers exceptional testing and measurement accuracy.

Designed to facilitate on-site operations, it is lightweight and easy to carry with its standard rack bag and shoulder strap. Thanks to the rugged design, users can be confident the unit will handle challenging travel and test conditions at broadcasting sites.



Dougall Media is now performing measurement campaigns with a single, lightweight, all-in-one unit that has enabled them to decommission the older, heavier and bulkier equipment they had been using.

Denis says they can now, with the Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer “confidently measure maximum deviation and carrier frequency error”. They also use it to verify pilot and Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) injection levels as well as the RBDS phase.

Denis Barriault has been using the Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer since April 2018 and when asked if he would recommend it to others, Denis answered “Yes, I would definitely recommend this solution; actually, I already have! It is like owning an all-in-one indispensable radio tool.”


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