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German voice talent relies on APT IP codec as ISDN replacement


Oliver Schmitz shares his story



User: Oliver Schmitz, Voice Talent
Location: Bad Hamburg - Germany

Product: APT IP Codec

Additional features: SureStream

Developed by: WorldCast Systems

Main benefits:

  • Reliable connection
  • Drop-out free audio distribution
  • Low latency
  • Great audio quality
  • Competitive cost


Oliver Schmitz, a well-known German voice talent located in Bad Homburg, provides his voice for documentaries, computer games, e-learnings, audio books, radio and TV commercials serving customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Like most voice talents, the majority of the work he produces is recorded and delivered from his home studio via audio codecs. Over the last few months, he has been relying on an APT IP Codec enhanced with SureStream software technology for reliable, drop-out free audio content distribution.



For years, ISDN technology was the go-to solution for voice talents and studios in Germany. According to Oliver, people in his business used to rely on ISDN codecs for their ease of use and reliability. With the shut-down of ISDN and the migration towards an ALL-IP Germany, broadcast professionals are looking for a replacement unit which offers at least the same level of quality that they had become accustomed to. Oliver Schmitz was amongst these businesses in search of a new codec.


“I would absolutely recommend the APT IP Codec as the new generation of audio codecs! I do not compromise on the quality I bring to the client and that is the reason I use the APT IP Codec with SureStream technology for my audio distribution. It works, it’s as simple as that!”



Many codecs are available on the market but according to Oliver “they sometimes produce drop-outs and that is unacceptable for people in my line of work”. One day a German studio called him to recommend a new IP codec they had recently discovered and which in their opinion could be a quality replacement for ISDN. The solution they recommended was the APT IP Codec, developed by WorldCast Systems. The APT IP Codec is a professional, affordable, and fully featured AoIP transport solution with includes the unique SureStream technology.

What is SureStream?

SureStream technology is a revolutionary innovation that enables broadcasters to use inexpensive IP links and still maintain professional broadcast-grade audio quality, reliability, and optimal latency. APT SureStream also offers the added benefit of «Always-On Redundancy» by sending duplicate streams which pass through different routes and switches for additional reliability; the two separate streams protecting from network conditions and loss of connection.

Very simple to install and deploy, the APT IP codec is sent pre-configured to the artist. Oliver explained that after receiving his unit already configured with his IP address, all he had to do was place it in the rack, connect ethernet, the firewall, and audio cables, and the machine was up and running; Oliver was ready for his first audio distribution to a major German media company.


Sending a perfect signal to his client - that is what matters most to Oliver Schmitz. For that reason, his home studio is equipped with professional, top-of-the line equipment such as a StudioBricks audio booth, U87 Neumann, Vovox Cabling… He is now also equipped with an APT IP Codec with SureStream to replace the ISDN codec systems and offer a perfect solution in the IP world.

Oliver has been using his APT IP Codec for several months now “Everyone knows that the APT algorithm is excellent and there is no data reduction. The sound quality is great and the connection is robust. I’ve tested the solution for short sessions, for which it performed really well, as well as for long 3 to 4-hour sessions (e.g. e-learnings) with zero drop-outs and glitches!”

When asked if he would recommend the APT IP Codec to other voice talents and studios, Oliver answered “I would absolutely recommend it as the new generation of audio codecs! I do not compromise on the quality I bring to the client and that is the reason I use the APT IP Codec for my audio distribution. It works, it’s as simple as that!”