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Worldcast Systems - Radio & TV Broadcast Solutions

Radio Services Delivers Broadcast Reliability, Quality & Cost-Efficiency to Privately Owned Stations in Ireland


Customer: Ronan O’Connor, Owner, Radio Services

Ecreso FM transmitters , Ecreso AiO Series, APT Codecs for STLs, Audemat RDS Encoders

Key Benefits:

  • Robust design
  • Superior listening quality
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cost-competitiveness
  • High-quality STL links
  • Money-saving features


Radio Services, based in Ireland, has been a stalwart in the Broadcast industry for over 30 years. Their specialization lies in Radio Broadcast, offering full integration services and support. Radio Services also represents prominent broadcast manufacturers in the Radio market, including WorldCast Systems. 

Radio Services primarily caters to the commercial broadcast market in Ireland, which poses unique challenges. Most clients in this market are privately owned and operated, often consisting of small groups managing a single station or a handful of frequencies. The owners themselves often make critical decisions, including selecting the technical infrastructure for broadcasting, such as FM Transmitters and Codecs.




radio broadcaster in studio

Supplying FM transmission services to the commercial broadcast market in Ireland demanded products with exceptional reliability and cost-efficiency. The privately owned radio stations needed reliable solutions that wouldn't break the bank. Radio Services initially used other FM Transmitter brands but was drawn to WorldCast Systems due to their super-reliable Audio Codecs, which they had used for years. The decision to embrace the company’s Ecreso FM Transmitter brand became even more critical when other suppliers faced challenges, such as one going into liquidation and another stalling in product development.

Apart from the product itself, WorldCast Systems’ long-standing history in the industry (over 60 years) and their global presence made them an ideal fit for the small commercial radio market. In a niche market, it's vital to ensure that the brand you introduce can provide long-term support and spare parts, which WorldCast Systems could offer. 



Radio Services initially supplied APT Codecs for Studio-Transmitter Link (STL) applications and later introduced the Ecreso FM range, primarily low-power transmitters ranging from 100W to 2KW. Their attraction to WorldCast Systems’ products was based on the build quality and signal excellence. Notably, WorldCast Systems’ offer of an optional 10-year warranty at a low cost was a significant selling point.


The decision to go with WorldCast Systems was driven by the impressive feature set of the AiO Series (100W, 300W, 600W, 1KW). WorldCast Systems had previously provided a built-in RDS Encoder and 5-Band Sound Processor, but the new series went above and beyond. It included a built-in audio decoder capable of receiving baseband audio or MPX/Composite, coded either linearly or compressed using the award-winning APTmpX algorithm.


Radio Services takes full advantage of WCS's built-in software technology. The objective was simple: to provide customers with the highest quality link while saving costs. 

Ecreso (FM transmitters): 

  • SmartFM for energy savings,
  • software version of APT IP decoder, and
  • 5-band sound processor.

APT (audio or MPX over IP transport): 

  • SureStream: At first, SureStream was primarily used in Audio Codecs over Satellite, 4/5G, and other public internet links. Now, Radio Services finds having SureStream integrated into the Ecreso transmitter exceptionally beneficial.


The experience with WorldCast Systems’ products has been highly satisfactory for Radio Services. Their customers have noted the superior listening quality of their FM signals and appreciated money-saving features like the built-in Codec.

In conclusion, Radio Services' journey with WorldCast Systems showcases how the right choice of technology can empower the privately owned radio market, delivering reliability, cost-efficiency, and exceptional sound quality for listeners.

“WorldCast Systems has truly been a game-changer for us. Their products not only deliver exceptional reliability but also align perfectly with our mission to provide cost-effective, high-quality broadcast solutions to the vibrant Irish market."

-Ronan O'Connor, Owner, Radio Services