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The Ecreso FM transmitter integrates a built-in RDS encoder. With our 30 years of expertise in RDS technology, from the legacy FMB80 device to the new-gen Audemat RDS Encoder, we have now expanded this RDS encoding to our Ecreso transmitter range as a built-in software. 

Available in two versions, you can choose from the Dynamic RDS Encoder or the Full RDS Encoder.


Dynamic RDS Encoder

This version includes a static RDS generator as well as scrolling capabilities through ASCII commands.

Full RDS Encoder

Based on our Audemat RDS Encoder, this version is perfect for network operators looking for UECP compliant encoders with ODA management and RDS2 ready.

Ecreso FM 1kW - AiO Series


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This software-version, directly in the Ecreso FM hardware rather than as a separate hardware, means one less  point of failure in the broadcast chain. The overall maintenance for the encoder, but also the transmitter site, is significantly reduced.

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The built-in RDS encoder comes with an intuitive & responsive GUI. It is embedded into the transmitters’ user interface for a seamless user experience. To facilitate operation, multiple protocols have been implemented to interconnect with the automation software as well as the monitoring infrastructure.

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WorldCast Systems meets the highest standards of excellence as a radio solutions provider and expert in RDS. 
Broadcasters can rest assured that our products meet the latest industry standard, including the RDS2 and IEC62106 compatibility.


Choose your Built-in RDS Encoder

Each software RDS encoder, Dynamic or Full, offers advanced performance and reliability. 

To see the differences between each, a comparison table is available here.

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Key Applications

Identify the radio station


For a limited cost, the Ecreso FM transmitter replaces external RDS encoders and helps radios and broadcasters to display the name of the station on the listeners’ receivers. 

With the built-in RDS encoder, you can manage, in addition to the static PI and PS, the list of alternative frequencies to automatically retune the listeners to the best transmitter in their area. 

Best choice: The Dynamic RDS Encoder

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Display song titles and artist information on receivers

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A very common feature on an RDS encoder is to be capable of encoding dynamic data in addition to the static RDS parameters; song title, artist name, advertisement, radio program, etc. Our software encoders exceed this requirement!  Both encoders can be linked to automation software to automatically receive updated data. They adapt to the communication protocol of your automation software. 

Best choice: The Dynamic RDS Encoder


Synchronize RDS content on multiple FM transmission sites


It is important for broadcasters to ensure that all their RDS encoders broadcast the same data regardless of their brands and capabilities. 
WorldCast Systems, within its extended RDS broadcasting software portfolio, offers complete architecture for medium and large RDS network. Thanks to its native compatibility with UECP recommendations and multiple communication protocols, the RDS encoder software is the perfect fit for broadcasters. 

Best choice: The Full RDS Encoder or Dynamic RDS encoder with RDS Server

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