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APT’s SynchroStream technology is the industry’s best dynamic STL latency control for FM Single Frequency Networks with overlapping transmitter contours. 

FM Radio is still the most consumed medium across society today. The programs are local, it is free, and reception can be mobile; all excellent attributes. However, if your station cannot be received well throughout the broadcast area, this will affect your listener retention. Synchronized transmitter arrangements today are designed and optimized with visualization software and measurement equipment that provide an excellent prediction of RF contours in the terrain.  

Well-performing boosters and translators are important tools for increasing coverage, a better reception performance and better ratings, and leads to new revenue opportunities. 

With modern FM transmitters and directive antenna arrays, interference induced fading effects are kept to a minimum. However, a key factor to achieve the desired enhancements by boosters and translaters is the perfect synchronization of the program feeds and control of the modulation timing in the air. SynchroStream sets new standards in terms of the precise and location-stable placement of RF transition zones in the terrain.


SynchroStream Benefits


Content Time-Synchronization


APT's SynchroStream is the must-have solution for locking content to time over IP transmissions.

Broadcasting networks or surround sound transmissions benefit from the high precision of SynchroStream.The user defines the latency of a transmission, only once, and SynchroStream presents distributed contents at the exact same time.

SynchroStream and Analog SFN

Synchrostream is designed to dramatically reduce the impact of the uncertainties of an analog single frequency network.  

The key to the optimal possible synchronization of modulated FM carriers is the smallest possible granularity of time shifts. With 125 nanosecond steps, SynchroStream offers an unprecedented level of granularity of modulation shifting. Disturbed interference zones in the propagation area can be shifted by distances of less than 50 meters.

Ease of Use

SynchroStream is adjusted and optimized in just two steps.

As the user you define the desired target latency. This is done once in the studio on the content encoder. This, dynamically eliminates all deviations of the IP network. Afterwards the interference zones are optimized with the high-precision fine tuning at the transmitter. Thus, all carriers are in correct time relation to each other. The external GPS clocking locks all carriers and modulation feeds and ensures a stable, homogeneous RF field.  

Single Frequency Network in Perfection

WorldCast Systems, with its complete broadcast network supply chain, offers all the building blocks for your most optimized 
analog single frequency network.

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What Our Expert Says


“APT SynchroStream together with digital or analog composite/MPX transmissions, APT SureStream and Ecreso's optimally adapted FM transmitters are the components from a single supplier to build your most optimized analog SFN.  

With APTmpX and SureStream you save on costly dedicated networks, with SynchroStream you expand your footprint and with Ecreso's FM transmitter you get the most energy efficient products on the market”.

Hartmut Foerster APT Product Manager

Hartmut Foerster
APT Product Manager


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