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The APT IP Codec MPX is a state-of-the-art, professional composite/MPX IP Codec equipped with unique, market leading technology to deliver next-generation broadcast performance. The innovative and feature-rich APT IP Codec MPXtakes the quality of reliable MPX transmission to an unprecedented level.

With APTmpX, the IP Codec MPX offers the best compression format for composite/MPX signals, and APT’s proven SureStream technology guarantees reliable transmission in any network.

The APT IP Codec MPX is perfectly equipped for individual FM feeds as well as multi- and single-frequency broadcasting. The IP Codec MPX is suitable for mission-critical applications.

ScriptEasy’s distributed intelligence provides extensive control and monitoring capabilities to manage your audio, data, network conditions and other devices at the transmitter site.

With the APT IP Codec MPX, you know you will enjoy the rock-solid performance upon which APT has earned the trust of countless broadcasters worldwide.

APT IP Codec MPX front and rear view

Current Version: 1.0


Product Benefits

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MPXoIP Transport Optimization

The APT IP Codec MPX protects your valuable MPX signal against network impairments. With SureStream, packet losses are compensated, and latency fluctuations are eliminated by SynchroStream or the NTP-based Time Alignment feature. The enhanced NAT traversal mode overcomes barriers, and IP packets reliably reach their specified destinations.

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Pristine Signal Quality & Performance

With the new APTmpX compression algorithm, the APT IP Codec MPX offers maximum signal fidelity, high-
resolution transparency and the lowest coding delay.

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Maximize Cost Savings

APT products save you money. The SureStream packet redundancy and the innovative APTmpX for low bitrate composite/MPX transmissions constitute an ecosystem that provides highly available and high-quality audio distribution outside of expensive transmission paths.


Compatible Built-In Technologies

SureStream for "Always-On Redundancy"

+10 Years Experience: Our team of engineers has extensive experience optimizing our algorithm for redundant streaming, making SureStream synonymous with reliable transmission in lossy IP networks.
Low Latency - Low Costs: SureStream enables the broadcaster to turn imperfect, but much cheaper services, into true broadcast-grade, low-latency IP connections.
Scalability and Flexibility: SureStream is the most flexible and scalable solution for content transmission protection, able to combine multiple paths from any combination of MPLS, Satellite, Microwave, xDSL and/or Cellular (4G/5G), creating a unified super robust connection to get your audio from point A to B.


Virtual SureStream visual

SynchroStream for Synchronized IP Transport


Stable Latency: The GPS-based SynchroStream eliminates variable latencies of an IP network within unprecedented narrow limits. For program transmissions, a temporal synchronized connection appears
like a synchronous link.
Complete Control Over Target Latency: SynchroStream requires a single setting on the IP Encoder to define the target latency to each Decoder at a transmitter site. Only one setting is required, and all Decoders are synchronized; accurate and stable to the millisecond. Fine-tuning in the sub-microseconds range is done at the decoders
in the array.
Synchronized FM Modulation: Temporal fine-tuning is the key to optimal geographic positioning of overlapping modulations of FM carriers. SynchroStream enables modulation control with the uniquely fine granularity of < 50 meters in terrain.



APTmpX for Highest Quality MPX Compression

Compressed Composite/MPX: APTmpX is the industry’s best MPX/composite compression algorithm, that delivers the highest sound transparency over low-bitrate IP transmissions.

Low Bitrate, Low Delay: With tthe lowest bandwidth requirements at 300/400/600 and 900 kbps, broadcasters no longer need to compromise between low bit rate and high audio quality. APTmpX thus eliminates the two barriers that usually discourage migration to FM MPX transmission.


APTmpX algorithm

ScriptEasy for Advanced Control

Virtual Scripteasy visual

ScriptEasy is a revolutionary facility control software for connected devices, enabling the automatic correction of any critical errors that may occur. Across its intuitive web interface, ScriptEasy includes management of the GPIO, serial communications, SNMP, logic operators, live user inputs, timers, and more. This enables the “scripting” of site operations for evaluating multiple parameters and automatically engaging back up systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel. Integrated in the APT IP Codec MPX, ScriptEasy is the core technology that provides the device with its inherent ”intelligence”.



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