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Last Chance Relio Sale - Limited Time Offer

  14 déc. 2016

Only a few units remaining; after January 1, they’re gone!

These are BRAND NEW Relio Remote Control units, with FULL 3 Year warranty!


  • 64 status inputs, 64 relay outputs, 24 analog inputs
  • Built-in Voice/DTMF modem
  • Robust communication through serial and SNMP pathways
  • Amazing ScriptEasy software to program automatic actions and alarms
  • Control your sites via web browser or phone, from anywhere!

INCLUDES SNMP EXPANSION PACK (connect with 15 devices)
FREE OF CHARGE (a $900 value) !

The Relio has been in service for nearly 10 years, and has become the favorite of
forward-thinking broadcasters around the world.

Highly valued by large group operations for its ability to integrate with larger network monitoring software,
over 1000 Relios are in the field in the US alone!

The Relio is now being replaced by the Audemat Control, a pin-for-pin replacement.
Motherboard upgrades have already been identified and integrated, no worries on motherboard obsolescence!

Only $2,406


To order, contact our Miami Office