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Now Available to Download: New Tech Note on the Efficiency of the Ecreso FM 10kW

  1 juin 2017

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to gain a greater insight into the efficiency behind the award-winning design of the Ecreso FM 10kW Transmitter.

The latest in our new series of Tech Notes on the Ecreso FM 10kW and 5kW focuses on one of the most important criterion when choosing a new FM Transmitter for your network: Efficiency.

Given that high efficiency means you can broadcast at the same power level while reducing your utility power consumption and heat dissipation, this choice has a direct technical and financial impact on your station. This document seeks to outline some important considerations that you should bear in mind when evaluating transmitters on the basis of efficiency and then proceeds to examine in detail the efficiency offered by the new ECRESO FM 10kW Transmitter. 

(You can also check out the Tech Note explaining how the redundancy on the Ecreso FM 10kW provides the same assurance as a 1+1 system - for a lot less cost...)

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