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Source: Radio World -Artifical Intelligence in Radio

In this interview with Radio World, David Houzé, Product Manager at WorldCast Systems, shares how Artificial Intelligence (AI), through SmartFM, has a positive impact on FM radio. SmartFM, an AI technology developed and patented by WorldCast, optimizes RF power based on the audio content, in real time. This results in lower power costs of up to 40%, reduced cooling, less maintenance, longer transmitter life and a smaller carbon footprint. 

David Houze: We are still at the beginning of Artificial Intelligence in radio broadcasting but the trendiest use of AI is mainly in the studio and concerns the script generation for shows, news or weather reports. In our daily life, most of us already use ChatGPT and other alternatives to simplify content creation based on ideas. It is logical to reproduce this new use at the job. I do like the fact that radios tend to automate time-consuming tasks to focus on their core activities. 
We will see more and more AI in the studio with playlist being automatically generated based on music trends, speech transcriptions for articles, as well as script generation.
On the transmission side of things, which is where WorldCast steps into the picture, there are also AI innovations broadcasters can turn to! 

RW: How does the AI work in your products?
Houzé: Technically speaking, the AI integrated into SmartFM has been trained with power correction based on psycho-acoustic models tested across listeners' panels. These models have been regularly updated based on data collected on the field. The technology is integrated into our Ecreso transmitters and is also available for other FM transmitter manufacturers looking to improve their transmitter TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.

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