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Worldcast Systems - Radio & TV Broadcast Solutions

WorldCast Systems Brings Innovation to the Radio Industry with AI and Virtualization

We are honoured for this recognition by Media & Entertainment Business Review as being amongst the Top 10 Broadcast Equipment Providers in 2024. During this occasion, Media & Entertainment and Christophe Poulain, Co-President at WorldCast, discussed how the company's key missions and positioning in the broadcast market. Read on below for a preview and the link to the full article.

Media & Entertainment Business Review:

Bringing communities together through a shared experience spanning wide geographies, the broadcasting sector has constantly evolved thanks to technological advancements. Alongside this evolution, the industry faces factors that hinder operators and broadcasters, such as rising costs with non-extensible resources, an economic context that impacts revenue from advertisers, increasingly complex infrastructures. They are expected to deliver the same uninterrupted quality of service to meet audience expectations while most are walking a tightrope between cost and performance. 

WorldCast Systems alleviates the pressure on broadcasters with fast delivery of its end-to-end product portfolio, and with a continuous focus on offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. An industry veteran with over six decades of experience, it serves diverse markets in media and broadcast, with a specialized focus on radio.

“We help our clients streamline their radio infrastructure by minimizing equipment implementation (thereby reducing possible points of failure, optimizing space, and lowering costs), and offering reliable technical support and unique warranties. Recognizing the critical nature of reliability, broadcasters trust us to keep them on-air and maintain exceptional audio quality,” says Christophe Poulain, co-president of WorldCast Systems

Specializing in a niche market, WorldCast Systems provides a wide range of solutions covering the entire radio broadcast chain. These include audio/MPX hardware and software codecs, fully digital FM transmitters, RDS broadcast solutions, RF test and measurement, as well as monitoring and control platforms. Their leading-edge products and solutions are commercialized through their brands, APT, Ecreso, Audemat and Kybio. These offerings are pivotal in modernizing broadcast distribution infrastructures while simplifying operations and controlling costs.