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Plan your air chain for the long term

Discover how WorldCast Systems has been a pivotal player in the low-power FM (LPFM) broadcasting market in the United States over the past decade. With over 500 low-power Ecreso FM transmitters provided to LPFM broadcasters in the U.S. and more than 15,000 transmitters deployed globally, WorldCast Systems offers a comprehensive range of solutions. Their portfolio includes FM transmitters from 100W to 10kW, audio over IP transport solutions featuring APT codecs, RDS encoders, and advanced monitoring solutions for both signal and network supervision.

In this exclusive interview between David Houzé and Radio World, learn how new LPFM stations can get on the air affordably and maximize their signal reach. Gain insights into common mistakes to avoid during the purchasing, installation, and maintenance phases, and understand the importance of long-term planning for infrastructure investments. 

Some of what is covered is the emphasis on the importance of considering long-term costs and efficiency when choosing a transmitter. While the initial cost is a significant factor, the efficiency of a premium transmitter can drastically reduce operating costs over time. 

The repairability of transmitters is also crucial; LPFM stations often lack in-house engineers, so choosing transmitters with replaceable modules and local technical support is essential for quick repairs. Additionally, integrated features like built-in RDS encoders and audio processors can provide cost savings and simplify maintenance.

The interview also covers how LPFM stations can maximize their signal reach by selecting the right antennas and optimizing their placement. 

Dispelling common misconceptions, the interview highlights that LPFM can achieve high audio quality and that setting up a broadcast chain is more straightforward and affordable than many believe.

By exploring these key aspects, WorldCast Systems provides a comprehensive guide for LPFM broadcasters, helping them to navigate the complexities of radio broadcasting with confidence. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expert advice on maximizing your LPFM station's potential.

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