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  28 mars 2016

The AUDEMAT CONTROL is a completely new system designed to offer a reliable, feature-packed platform that supports a large number of input and output connections in a 1RU enclosure.

Replacing the highly successful Relio product that was deployed widely throughout the United States, the new AUDEMAT CONTROL offers many exciting new features while remaining fully compatible with the hundreds of existing installations in the field.

A key feature of the AUDEMAT CONTROL is the number of connections it can support. It provides 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs and 24 analog inputs, 4 serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports, 4 USB ports, 1 audio output, 1 audio input and 1 modem. The unit offers I/O termination panels with simple screw terminal connectors to enable connection to real-world signals.

Some innovative new design features have been included in the new AUDEMAT CONTROL, such as an extractible modem and removable SSD disk to ensure ease of maintenance.  The voice modem offers DTMF capabilities for traditional remote notification and control.

Critically, the fully IP-enabled AUDEMAT CONTROL unit includes ScriptEasy™ software as standard. ScriptEasy is a highly powerful tool that enables easy and extensive customization of a site’s monitoring activities as well as defining automatic actions to be taken upon user-defined conditions. It incorporates the MasterView web-based application that allows user to create their own customized end-user views for simple aggregation and display of all relevant data as well as presenting action buttons to initiate common actions.

The AUDEMAT CONTROL will be on show for the first time worldwide at the WorldCast Systems’ Booth N6134 at NAB from April 16th-21st 2016.