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Press Release - July 2019

WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, announces a supply agreement of Ecreso FM transmitters to Radio Maryja, a renowned religious Polish radio station. The project was won through WorldCast Systems’ partner, BCAST, an emission services provider for public and commercial radio and TV broadcasters in Poland.

ECRESO_RM_SKIERNIEWICE BCASTBCAST, already a user of Ecreso transmitters, continues its partnership with WorldCast Systems through this new purchase of over 20 units. This order will be used to supply BCAST’s own stations as well as replace Radio Maryja’s transmitters in multiple sites across Poland. As the new broadcast operator for Radio Maryja, BCAST will ensure the reliable emission of their FM signals in twelve cities, including Warsaw, Lublin and Czestochowa.

The new Ecreso equipment, ranging from 300W to 5kW powers, will support SmartFM, the first worldwide patented Artificial Intelligence for FM radio. This innovative technology was developed by WorldCast Systems and offers major benefits of enhancing the listening experience for the most sensitive program content, lower power consumption by 10 to 40% through electricity savings and reduced cooling, and limit CO2 emissions. Pioneer, the Radio Maryja project is one of the first commercial deployments of this AI technology.

“In most cases, we win our projects thanks to an innovative and fresh approach. When constructing our own products, and in our collaboration with suppliers, we are looking for breakthrough solutions that will allow us to attract customers. We believe that technology such as SmartFM revolutionizes the market with a new, better way of broadcasting FM radio.” - says Krzysztof Karpiński, BCAST board member responsible for sales.

Some other advantages of Ecreso tranmsitters are their high efficiency of up to 76% and a host of onboard features such as 5-band sound processing, dynamic RDS encoding, MPX/Composite over AES compatibility, and an advanced communication pack including an intuitive web interface, now available in Polish.

After establishing its leadership position last year on the demanding German market with over 50% in shares (or over 700 frequencies), WorldCast Systems continues its international expansion in Europe and across borders.


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