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A final farewell to the FMB80 RDS encoder!

  17 févr. 2020


Bordeaux, France, February 2020 (for immediate publication) - Familiar with the FMB80 RDS encoder? This week, the very last has gone to Christophe Poulain, Co-President of WorldCast Systems and a key player in the product’s worldwide success. Recognized and trusted for its level of reliability and quality, it has been on the market for over 25 years and over 17 000 units equip broadcasters worldwide, with a vast majority in the United States and Europe.  

“The FMB80 was developed at the end of the 90’s and I would like to praise the engineers behind this truly innovative product, in advance for its time”, says Christophe Poulain. “I would also like to thank our many clients who trusted us.”

This symbolic gift marks the end of an era and opens the way for a worthy successor! In line with the company’s mission to continue innovating and meeting the needs of modern broadcasters with industry-leading technology, the new Audemat RDS Encoder is built upon WorldCast Systems’ extensive experience and decades of valuable customer feedback.

Showcasing at NAB this year, the Audemat RDS Encoder is currently the only RDS encoder offering digital MPX/composite over AES I/O capability, enabling the addition of RDS information directly into a full digital chain. The result - the highest spectral purity and quality on the market, even by FMB80 standards. The product also includes a built-in FM tuner, RDS2-readiness and with the 1.1.5 release, it hosts new communication features for higher flexibility and ease of use. Among these, the additional backwards compatibility with the FMB80 facilitates the use of mixed networks and sending of the same set of commands. There are also new capacities for file configuration through FTP, enabling compatibility with most 3rd party Automation Software, and easier unit configuration with debugging tools integrated for UECP an d ASCII commands.

Audemat RDS Encoder is now the unique RDS encoding solution commercialized by WorldCast Systems and reflects the company’s standards for system versatility, ease of use, and spectral purity.

Visit booth N5206 at NAB to learn more and for an RDS2 demo.