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In the context of Covid-19, WorldCast Systems supports Ecreso users in reducing energy costs by up to 40% with FREE activation of SmartFM

Press Release - March 2020

As a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, WorldCast Systems announces it will be offering SmartFM, for FREE, to all owners of Ecreso FM transmitters and for a 1-year duration.  

SmartFM is compatible with all recent generation ECRESO FM transmitters and can be activated through a simple, software upgrade or license activation.  

How much users can save depends on the network and output power. For example, with 1 Ecreso FM 10kW transmitter broadcasters can save up to 4000 €/$* by the end of the year or with 1 Ecreso FM 1000W transmitter, up to 400 €/$*.

“To support our customers during this tough period, it means a lot to us to contribute in some way. Covid-19 is impacting all industries, worldwide, including FM radio. During these uncertain economic times, limiting costs becomes crucial and for this reason, we are offering SmartFM” says Nicolas Boulay, Co-President.  

To activate SmartFM, contact your Regional Sales Manager or email sales@worldcastsystems.com

*at 0.20€/kWh