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Get ready to take your streaming experience to the next level with the APT IP Silver codec

Bordeaux, France, July 2023 – WorldCast Systems, leading provider of advanced radio solutions worldwide, announces a new software release (SR 4.0.x) of its field-proven APT IP Silver codec. The APT IP Silver stands for its class of simplex streamers, explicitly designed to meet the needs of entry-level streamers without compromising on professional features. This combination is unprecedented in this price range.

A central highlight is the broad support for ten broadcast audio formats, each with numerous variations. This underscores the impressive versatility and professionalism of the IP Silver. 

The intelligent system automatically detects incoming streams and can identify backup streams based on RTP sessions. This safeguards your streams and guarantees a flawless and continuous broadcast.

Security is also a top priority. With integrated SureStream technology as a standard feature, typically found in much more expensive models, the IP Silver always ensures a reliable connection thanks to “Always-On Redundancy”. 

Add to this the variety of network functions: VLAN, IP aliasing, or the "Reply to Sender" NAT traversal mode - the APT IP Silver ensures it perfectly integrates into any network environment. In addition, it's optimized for use in mobile networks and offers serial AUX data transmission.

APT IP Silver

With the implementation of ScriptEasy, users can create custom scripts to personalize their streaming experiences. The balanced analog inputs and outputs are another testament to the refined quality of the IP Silver.

A dynamic NTP content synchronization with packet timestamping in MFN (Multi Frequency Network) guarantees the best listening experience across transmitter boundaries.

In summary, the APT IP Silver continues to set new standards in blending affordability, versatility, and an extraordinary variety of features. Unrivaled in its price range, the APT IP Silver redefines the boundaries between entry-level and high-end.

For more information on the APT IP Silver, please visit the WorldCast Systems website, or book a meeting to meet with the team at booth 8.C58 at the upcoming IBC Show

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