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NEW ‘WorldCast MANAGER Server’ Offers Improved SNMP Network Management Capabilities for Non-SNMP Experts

  9 sept. 2016

Bordeaux-Mérignac, France -   IBC 2016 will see the launch of WorldCast MANAGER Server, the latest development in the range of SNMP management software tools from WorldCast Systems. Providing new advanced capabilities such as alarm notification and access to historical measurements, WorldCast MANAGER Server represents a truly comprehensive solution for the management of broadcast networks.

Responding to customers’ desire for simplicity in an increasingly complex working environment, WorldCast MANAGER Server has been designed to offer the user an easily accessible approach to SNMP management; making it simple to set-up and operate even for those without any prior expertise. It will work not only with WorldCast Systems’ own products but with any SNMP-enabled device, meaning the single interface can be deployed to monitor an entire broadcast site or even multiple sites. 

The first WorldCast MANAGER development, WorldCast MANAGER Desktop, launched in early 2016, has proven very successful and has already been installed by hundreds of users worldwide to manage and monitor their broadcast equipment networks. WorldCast MANAGER Desktop provides real-time status and alarm information from multiple devices across multiple locations and presents it in a single, unified display. Should further investigation be required, it provides the user with easy access to the unit’s own web-based control interface.

The new WorldCast MANAGER Server, which will be available Q4 2016, builds on the core features of the Desktop version and adds several new features and capabilities. These include logging of events and connections, a measurement archive, alarm notifications and the ability to group sites. WorldCast MANAGER Server also provides different levels of user access for increased security and can be viewed on mobile devices.

As with WorldCast MANAGER Desktop, WorldCast MANAGER Server offers a library of MIB files covering devices from many different broadcast manufacturers to enable automatic discovery and configuration. Should a particular device not be included, WorldCast Systems provide a free MIB file integration service to ensure pain-fee set-up for all users.

Commenting on the launch, Nicolas Boulay, President of WorldCast Systems, said, “We hear from our customers all the time about the added pressures and complexity of their roles. The WorldCast MANAGER can simplify this process, not only by collating information from many different sources in a single, centralized display but also by making the configuration and day-to-day use of that interface as straightforward and intuitive as possible. The popularity of the PC application, WorldCast MANAGER Desktop, has shown that there is a real need for just such a tool and we will continue development in this area to perfect our offering.”

WorldCast MANAGER Server is scheduled for release in Q4 2016 and will be available for demo at the WorldCast Systems’ stand 8.B60 at IBC from the 9th to 13th September 2016.