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  18 avr. 2016

Las Vegas, NV  - WorldCast Systems have announced the development of support for analog MPX over IP on selected APT audio codecs.

In addition to purely Digital MPX over IP or Analog MPX over IP applications, this development enables flexible, hybrid applications where Digital MPX equipment is located at one end of the link and an analog MPX device at the other end. With a significant installed base of transmitters that still require an analog MPX signal, this is a particularly useful development that provides a solution for today’s network requirements as well as a clear migration path should a broadcaster wish to move to a fully digital MPX broadcast chain in the future.

Support for both analog and digital MPX is available on the APT MULTICHANNEL AoIP CODEC in the form of plug-in codec modules. Digital MPX is provided with the standard AoIP Codec module and, for analog MPX over IP a separate module can be provided.

The use of an MPX codec enables centralized signal processing; it encodes the output from the audio processor, stereo encoder and RDS encoder at a single location. The MPX signal is then distributed by an MPX codec to one or multiple locations over the IP network with no further processing required at the other sites. With no additional stereo encoder, RDS encoder or audio processors required throughout the distribution network, significant savings can be gained both in terms of capital outlay and from the operational savings on-site with less energy consumption, less cooling, less wiring and less space required.

Broadcasters are also seeing this new development as a very cost effective way to support Repeater / Translator sites in the big metros. Readily available fiber and bandwidth mean the larger payloads required for MPX Distribution are a non-issue, the technology thereby represents a great way to get the multiplexed signal to the transmitter and obviously reduce the amount of equipment in the cabinet.

Hartmut Foerster, APT Product Manager stated, “With our new support for analog MPX over IP, we can provide broadcasters with the possibility to retain legacy analog transmitters and still reap the many benefits of MPX distribution.”

Functionality implemented within the MPX-enabled APT codecs makes them specifically suitable for professional MPX transport. They offer a protection algorithm that cancels out any undesired peaks and troughs of the MPX Signal that can commonly occur due to dropped packets and IP-related issues. As such, the algorithm can reliability prevent over modulation of the signal.

In addition, WorldCast’s APT Codecs offer some key advantages over other MPX codecs thanks to SureStream and ScriptEasy. SureStream technology ensures that the IP connection used to transport the MPX signal remains “always on” for highly reliable distribution while ScriptEasy enables the APT Codec to autonomously manage backup switching on the MPX inputs as well as many additional management features. APT codecs are also well regarded for their highly stable DSP-based architecture and their exceptional audio quality.

Further information can be found at www.worldcastsystems.com