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Launching APTmpX: World's first and true
MPX/composite algorithm to save network bandwidth


Press Release - September 28, 2020


WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers worldwide, launches yet another APT innovation - the APTmpX technology. APTmpX is the world’s first and only MPX/composite algorithm to save network bandwidth without deconstructing the original composite signal. With this new technology, FM broadcasters now have access to high quality signal compression for FM MPX/Composite transmission.

FM is still the technology that reaches the most listeners worldwide. At the same time, efforts are being made optimizing effort and costs of this distribution, and indeed to keep them as low as possible. Only a few years ago, the only way to generate an MPX/composite signal was to combine the signal components at each transmitter site. The consequence for the program operator was and still is a large number of decentralized installed devices of the same category. With the transmission of a centrally generated MPX/Composite signal, the majority of the equipment mentioned above is eliminated, and a single central processor guarantees the sonic signature across the transmitter network. The cost of site maintenance and the complexity of the MPX/composite transmission is significantly reduced.  

However, before APTmpX, there remained one challenge: how to manage the relatively high IP data rate of a composite signal without affecting the MPX/composite transmission?

"With APTmpX, we provide a perfect solution for FM MPX/Composite transmission without deconstruction of the existing composite signal. APTmpX not only enhances our portfolio for MPX solutions, but also marks a milestone in the transition to an MPX/composite environment. We are committed to high quality, low latency, and minimal complexity and this solution meets our brand’s quality standards. In the end, the user benefits from significantly lower hardware and distribution costs while maintaining the station sound.” Hartmut Foerster, APT Product Manager.


FM broadcasters can now reap the full benefits of an MPX/Composite chain with APT: less hardware, cost savings, optimal latency, transport optimization, overmodulation cancellation, and now with APTmpX, a new compression format to transmit your high-quality composed signal at even lower bit rates – under 1 Mbps!  

APTmpX is available in all MPX/composite compatible APT IP codecs.