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The DAB Community will be meeting again at the WorldDAB Summit 2023


Join members of the DAB community in Munich for the WorldDAB Summit 2023, the premier event in the world of digital radio! This year's summit promises to be a groundbreaking gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts, all converging in the heart of Bavaria to explore the latest developments in digital audio broadcasting.

From cutting-edge technology showcases to insightful panel discussions, the WorldDAB Summit 2023 will offer a unique opportunity to delve into the future of radio, network with like-minded professionals, and shape the digital audio landscape together. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just dipping your toes into the world of digital radio, this event will provide invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience in Munich as we usher in the next era of digital radio. Stay tuned for more details, and be part of this exciting journey at the WorldDAB Summit 2023!

Event Details:

Date:  November 8
Location: Munich, Germany

Our Co-President, Christophe Poulain, will be participating remotely. Join him on-line or make a request for a meeting via the form below. 

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Our DAB Solutions


Audemat MC6

Audemat MC6

All-in-One Test & Measurement

The Audemat MC6 is the most comprehensive and versatile mobile measurement platform available for DAB and/or FM in the world today. Portable, light-weight, exceptional accuracy, multiple receivers…This unique solution is a game-changer for T&M. Pre-order the Audemat MC6 for up to 20% off on your purchase.

Audemat DAB Probe

Audemat DAB Probe

Advanced QoS Signal Analysis

The Audemat DAB Probe is a highly complete, cost-competitive, and scalable DAB radio monitoring solution designed to perform advanced QoS signal analysis, on-site and of a broadcast coverage area. The advanced software tools provide a deep signal and content analysis with impulse response representation, TII, audio streaming, ETI recording, and more.


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