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NAB News: Major Developments in APT Codecs to Include Support for Dante Technology

  20 avr. 2017

Miami, FL- April 21st 2017 - WorldCast Systems will announce several new features available on its range of APT IP audio codecs at NAB 2017.  These include scalable MPX transmission, new NTP time alignment and support for Dante™, the multi-channel digital media networking technology.

A new multi-channel I/O board on the slimline APT Multi-channel AoIP CODEC will offer users the ability to connect directly from the codec to a Dante or AES67 network. This enables the codec to become fully integrated into in-house network ecosystem, ensuring interoperability with near-zero latency and synchronization.


Also new within the APT Codec range is the NTP time alignment feature which enables latency control when distributing programming across multiple decoders. Suitable for Multi-frequency networks, NTP timing ensures playout alignment on each decoder with constant link latencies.

Lastly, the MPX capabilities of APT codecs have been further enhanced with the launch of a new limited MPX transmission mode. In addition to the 192 kHz sampling rate which enables transmission of the full MPX spectrum, APT codecs also support 128 kHz sampling, transmitting the audio and RDS signals but limiting the MPX bandwidth to 64 kHz. This bandwidth limitation saves network capacity, reducing the requirement of 3.2Mbps for 16Bit audio at Fs 192 kHz to just 2.048kbps at 128kHz.

Hartmut Foerster, Product Manager for APT Codecs, explained, “To maintain our strong position in the field of IP audio networking, it is imperative that we continue to develop new features and capabilities on our successful range of audio codecs. We are delighted to be showcasing these 3 significant new developments  at NAB this year and are looking forward to customer feedback at the show.”

APT audio codecs will be on demo on the WorldCast Systems’ booth N8924 at NAB Show, Las Vegas, April 24th- 27th 2017.

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