Tagit for School


Tagit for School is dedicated to interactive learning through radio & TV. With the Covid pandemic, millions of students worldwide are relying on radio & TV educational programs for their remote schooling. However there remains the challenge of interactivity. Teachers have no insights as to whether their students are watching the program, paying attention or if they are understanding, and students have no means to engage actively. 

Tagit for School is an easy-to-use application for interactive learning that runs on both Android or IOS. Tagit for School enables a richer learning experience with students accessing live quizzes and additional course-related content while listening to their radio or TV educational program. Teachers also gain more control and insights into their students learning progress.


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How Does Tagit Work?

1. Install Tagit for School


2. Play this following educational TV program sample


3. Open Tagit application


Stay close to the speaker and Tagit will identify the audio and the student will be able to interact directly with the program or the teacher, ask questions, answers, quizzes ...


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