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APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder


APT IP streamers, known for their advanced analog audio encoding and decoding capabilities, are now available in MPX versions. The transmission of analog composite/MPX for FM transmitter supply, including the innovative compressed APTmpX format, features such as APT's proven SureStream technology for IP redundancy, and the distributed intelligence of ScriptEasy make the APT Silver Range stand out. With a focus on quality and affordability, the APT IP Silver Range ensures reliable and time-controlled IP MPX transmission at a high level.

Designed for reliability, the IP Silver MPX is ideal for individual MPX FM feeds and multi-frequency transmissions. Optimized for Composite/MPX transmissions, this solution offers a wide range of wired network connectivity options and explicitly supports using 4G/5G modems for connectivity. With the low bitrates of the APTmpX, cellular networks have become viable options.

Choosing the APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder means investing in the rock-solid performance that has made APT a trusted name for broadcasters worldwide.

APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder back view

Current Version: 1.0


Award-Winning Solution for MPXoIP

Radio World Best of Show Award NAB 2024 for APT IP Silver MPX

Product Benefits

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IP Transport Optimization

The APT IP Silver Range is rich in network capabilities, featuring VLAN tagging and sophisticated NAT traversal techniques to accommodate networks with dynamic IP addresses, like the Internet or cellular connections. Additionally, its SureStream technology mitigates packet loss, while NTP-based time alignment minimizes latency fluctuations.

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Pristine Composite/MPX Quality & Transparency

APTmpX delivers unparalleled signal transparency, minimal coding delay, and high resilience on IP transmission while only requiring a fraction of the uncompressed MPX bandwidth.

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Maximize your Cost Savings

APT Products are designed to offer significant cost advantages. Featuring state-of-the-art capabilities such as APTmpX, SureStream, and ScriptEasy, these items are integral to the WorldCast Systems ecosystem, delivering reliable, high-quality content distribution beyond the scope of costly transmission pathways.


Compatible Solutions for Maximum Control

High Quality Compressed MPX


Compressed Composite/MPX: APTmpX is the world’s first and only non-destructive MPX/composite algorithm to save network bandwidth. It protects the sonic signature generated by the station’s sound processor settings.

Low Bitrate, Low Delay: An APTmpX sample is decodable on its own. Packet losses in the network have as little effect as those of base-band audio samples. Low delay transmission is inherent and with a bandwidth requirement of 300, 400, 600 or < 900 kbps, non-dedicated IP connections can be used.


APTmpX algorithm

Telemetry and Facility Management

Virtual Scripteasy

ScriptEasy is a revolutionary facility control software for connected devices, enabling the automatic correction of any critical errors that may occur. Across its intuitive web interface, ScriptEasy includes management of serial communications, SNMP, logic operators, live user inputs, timers, and more. This enables the “scripting” of site operations for evaluating multiple parameters and automatically engaging backup systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel. Integrated in the APT IP SILVER, ScriptEasy is the core technology that provides the device with its inherent ”intelligence”.



Advanced Network Monitoring

Kybio is a network management system for media and broadcast. It is designed to simplify and unify the supervision of even the most complex media ecosystem.

KYBIO cloud-based monitoring included with your APT IP Silver MPX (1-year SaaS subscription free of charge):

  • Centralizes real-time data from multiple equipment and locations
  • Autoconfiguration engine of your devices
  • Dynamic dashboards and diagrams
  • Real-time alarms and notifications

ActivAte Kybio

Kybio NMS 1-year free

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