QoS/QoE, Signal Monitoring, Test & Measurement, RDS Encoding, Telemetry 

The AUDEMAT brand is synonymous with accuracy and innovation in the world of monitoring and telemetry. Since designing our first monitoring unit in the late 80s, we have developed a full range of products to provide broadcasters with total knowledge and control of everything that is happening within their network, both for Radio and TV. On all of our feature-rich, reliable hardware platforms, we offer the ScriptEasy software suite which adds true intelligence into your network 

performance and provides cost savings and efficiencies through fewer site visits, reduced downtime and round-the-clock supervision of your precious network. 

The power of the AUDEMAT range has been recognized by broadcasters and others worldwide and thousands of our monitoring and telemetry units are deployed across all continents. Customers include Cumulus (US), iHeartMedia (US), GloboTV (Brazil), TV5 (Thailand), NTV7 (Malaysia) Ericsson (Sweden), KPN (Netherlands), RTBF (Belgium), MBC (Saudi Arabia), Radio Romania, RAIWay (Italy) and many, many more…



+25 Years
of Expertise

Audemat has been leading the market for over 25 years with renowned products such as the FM MC5 for test & measurement, the FMB80 and Audemat RDS Encoder for RDS encoding, the FM Monitor and DAB Probe for signal monitoring, ScriptEasy for telemetry, and more!

Time & Cost

Our customers can trust that our Audemat solutions are always designed with the user experience in mind and with the objective to lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

High Accuracy
& Reliability

The tens of thousands of Audemat products currently in operation worldwide are field proven to offer unbeatable accuracy and reliability. 


They Trust Us


Our Experts

Thanks to the mulitple decades of experience of our Audemat experts, we bring to the market an extensive range of high quality solutions that meet their needs for ease of use, performance and reliability.

Meet some of our Audemat experts!


Over 25 years of experience and 18 years at WorldCast Systems. Project manager and developer, embedded and web, on the Audemat range.

Specialist in digital radio frequency modulation and digital transport protocols, has managed and participated in the developments of ATSC, DVB and DAB monitoring products.

Patrick Bonnet
Audemat Product Engineer

After spending many years in the industrial data processing and telecom domains, Philippe joined the company in 2006 to take in charge products for media & industry monitoring. In parallel, Philippe manages international projects in the WorldCast expertise framework.

Philippe Missoud
Product Manager - Signal Monitoring & Control

Signal processing, digital system and digital modulation expert.

Project manager for more than 10 years on projects like RDS Encoder or MC5, and hardware and algorithm architect on DVBT demodulator or digital FM modulator.

Frédéric Allard
Technical Director

Experienced trainer at WorldCast Systems, I am regularly confronted with problems linked to the broadcasting of FM signals. Specialized in radio broadcasting techniques and FM metrology. I have also been a member and representative of WorldCast Systems at the RDS forum for over 15 years.

Olivier Soulié
Product & Training Manager
RDS Expert


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