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WorldCast Systems, with its ECRESO range, brings to the market over six decades of RF experience and the best solutions in terms of Total Cost of Ownership, reliability, and user experience.

ECRESO offers a range of solutions for broadcasters and operators: 

Fully digital Ecreso FM transmitters for analog FM, Ecreso broadcast transmitters come in a cutting-edge, compact yet modular design in powers ranging from 100W to 10kW. 

Emergency Solar FM transmitter for fast and easy broadcasting deployment in harsh environments.

Ecreso Switch Controller for radio & TV antenna switches at RF transmitter sites.

20,000+ Ecreso transmitters are broadcasting at over 10,000 sites worldwide, making them one of the most trusted transmitter brands available today. 

They boast high efficiency of up to 76% and host a wide range of onboard features along with an industry-leading innovation – SmartFM. This worldwide patented technology is embedded into our transmitters and enable broadcasters to benefit from up to 40% energy cost savings.


The Highest Standards of FM Broadcasting


Why Choose Ecreso?


60 years of expertise developing RF solutions and deploying several thousands of systems worldwide enables WorldCast Systems to accompany your transmitters with a range of services and warranties.


Thanks to cutting-edge innovations and intelligent design, Ecreso products offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership! Ease of maintenance, high valuable built-in features, reduced consumption and high efficiency are the key factors of OPEX reduction.

Highest Quality 
to Listeners

Ecreso brings amazing audio to your radio broadcasting thanks to the direct-to-channel digital modulator, 5-band sound processor, and MPX over AES compatibility. It’s built-in redundancy also keeps you on-air, at all times.


They Trust Us


What People Are Saying


«Following our extensive laboratory tests as well as experience with WorldCast’s ECRESO transmitters in the field, we felt it was clear that none of the other alternative manufacturers’ systems came close.…When it comes to FM transmitters WorldCast is, in our opinion, undisputed leader in the European market.» 


- Michael Radomski, CEO -
Uplink Network, Germany


Recent Success Stories


Our Experts

We bring to market the most advanced and complete FM transmitters. Thanks to our extensive scope of expertise including RF, digital modulation, audio processing, production, quality verification, and technical support, we ensure customers broadcast with the best equipment and support available. Learn about some of our experts. 


Eric has been leading our development team for FM transmitters since 1996. Prior to that he was at ECRESO RFTS Broadcast where he participated in several RF project developments ranging from Hz to GHz. He has acquired a solid expertise in broadcasting projects around the world and a very good knowledge of requirements and constraints of transmitter sites. 

Eric Pere
RF Product Manager

Gregory has over 15 years of experience leading product marketing for ECRESO FM transmitters. He oversees the team of Application Engineers, Product Managers and Pre/Post Sales Support. His passion and know-how for all things musical also makes him our go-to person for audio processing and testing! 

Gregory Mercier
Director of Product Marketing & Pre/Post Sales Support

"I am in charge of the product development which involves the supervision of various technical skills such as mechanical drawing of digital and analog electronics, radio frequency, thermal, but also software skills for web or PC based onboard software or GUI."

Hervé Garat
R&D Project Manager

Nathalie is our expert in turnkey solutions, complete FM transmitter systems and N+1 solutions. 
"Arrived by accident on the Application engineers’ open space on an ominous dark day in August month ten years ago, I did my so called baptism on an ambitious and twisty N+1 turnkey project for Egypt. I never really recovered."

Nathalie Flambard
Application Engineer


Highlights & Innovations


Solid Robustness. Solid 10-Year Warranty.


WorldCast Systems offers a standard warranty of 3 years on all our FM transmitters and up to TEN YEARS' Warranty on our range of compact FM transmitters and new ECRESO FM 5kW/10kW for a small additional charge.

We confidently warranty our transmitters for 10-years thanks to their exceptional design quality, outstanding efficiency, and advanced diagnostics capabilities.


Exceptional design quality

Outstanding efficiency

Advanced diagnostics capabilities



Ecreso Services

Our team of experts partner with you throughout all phases of your project 
with our large scope of services. From engineering studies to installation and technical support, you can count us, every step of the way.


Explore The Ecreso Product Line


FM Transmitters

Ecreso meets broadcasters' needs as the highest quality solution in terms of efficiency, audio quality, robustness, and reliability.

Solar FM transmitter

Solar FM

Emergency System

SmartFM technology


AI technology bringing up to 40% energy cost savings


Antenna Switch Controller (Radio & TV)



Ecreso Switch Controller



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