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Ecreso FM 5-10kW is a fully digital high power FM transmitter for analog FM and is the most powerful product in WorldCast Systems’ Ecreso portfolio. 

Engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding network operators and stations, it combines reliable performance, high efficiency of up to 76%, and state-of-the-art innovations. Truly revolutionary, the Ecreso FM 5-10kW has a built-in 1+1 redundancy which ensures it stays on-air with minimal or no power loss.  

With the Ecreso FM 5-10kW, broadcasters benefit reduced maintenance thanks to hot swappable power supplies, power amplifiers and fans, as well as a multitude of onboard features such as SmartFM, a patented Artificial Intelligence for FM bringing up to 40% energy cost savings.

This advanced FM broadcasting solution is the result of decades of experience and a mission to bring to market the best high power FM transmitters in terms of total cost of ownership and audio quality.


Current Version: 2.4


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FM Transmitter
Ecreso FM 5-10kW Benefits

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  • 60 years of RF Expertise
  • Full customer support to accompany you for installation, configuration,maintenance, repairs and on-site field operations
  • Turnkey Solutions: Available as standalone unit or as a complete system
  • Project Assistance: site visits, factory acceptance tests, team trainings, installation support
  • Up to 10-years Warranty
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  • Up to 76% efficiency with planar design and 6th generation MOSFET + SmartFM
  • Many onboard functions: Dynamic RDS Encoder, Digital Stereo Encoder, Audio Backup, MPX Power Limiter, GPIO, SmartFM...
  • High Reliability with HALT, PSA, FMECA, Burn-in...
  • Full SNMP Management
  • Reduced maintenance with hot swappable PSUs and Fans
  • Customized air flow configurations
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Highest Quality 
to Listeners

  • Built-in 1+1 redundancy that keeps you on-air
  • Direct-to-channel digital modulator: highest signal quality, built-in broadcast tools control of all parameters
  • 5-Band sound processor
  • Digital MPX/Composite over AES
  • Audio backup with silent detect on all program inputs, intelligent automatic auto-switch & recovery, internal player with μSD card

Innovation In Service Of Great Radio

High Power FM Transmitter - Ecreso FM 10kW
High Power FM Transmitter - Ecreso FM 10kW
FM Transmitter - MOSFET
FM Transmitter - Ecreso FM 10kW measurement interface
FM Transmitter - Ecreso FM 10kW web interface
FM Transmitter - Ecreso FM 10kW back side

6th generation MOSFET & Planar design

Advanced Measurement Interface

Intuitve web interface

Redundant & hot swappable power supplies and fans

Guided Tour - Exciter & Control

Guided Tour - Power Supplies

Guided Tour - Passive Coupler

Guided Tour - Cooling System


Built-In 1+1 Redundancy

1+1 redundancy icon

The intrinsic level of redundancy in the 5kW-10kW is similar to a standard 1+1 system with significantly lower costs.

Inspired to meet the highest demands for a redundant solution in critical applications, the As Solid As A 1+1 design of the Ecreso FM 5-10kW is the result of intensive R&D developments to: 

  • Remove the Single Points of Failure or minimize their effects. As an example, Intermediate Power Amplifiers have been completely removed in favour of an industry-proven FM Digital Exciter feeding directly into each Power Amplifier.
  • Oversize the critical modules and install redundant components only when oversizing is not possible.
  • Hard test the Concept under harsh conditions with the latest quality methods – FMEA, PSA or HALT

By adding this intrinsic redundancy in the Ecreso FM 5/10kW, you do not need to purchase 2 complete 5 or 10kW transmitters plus the control unit & installation cost but ONLY the “As Solid as a 1+1” concept. This way you benefit from the same level of redundancy than a 1+1, while reducing costs by more than 30 k€!

Ecreso FM 10kW redundancy
FM Transmitter Critical elements icon

Unrivaled RF output recovery scenarios

In FM transmission, the most critical but also the weakest modules are PSU, Power amplifier, Fans & the control unit.  

When designing the Ecreso FM 5-10kW, we payed specific attention to 4 essential and critical elements.

PSU loss: 10kW stays on-air

With up to 8 Load-sharing PSUs able to provide each 3.5kW, the transmitter can run at nominal power even with the loss of 3 PSUs!

1 MOSFET Loss:10kW stays on-air

The Ecreso FM 5/10kW utilizes 2.3kW Power Amplifiers, each with 2 MOSFETs. In the event of 1 MOSFET failure, the transmitter still operates at nominal power. Even with the loss of 1 complete amplifier, the transmitter remains at nominal power!  

1 Fan loss: 10kW stays on air

Cooling is the masterpiece of transmitters. If there is no or not enough cooling, the heat increase may damage the transmitter or cut the RF.  But our transmitters are designed to stay ON! The Ecreso FM 5-10kW includes up to 4 oversized fans operating at half speed and powered by 2 cross-fed PSUs. 

Control Unit Loss: 10kW stays on air

The ability for the transmitter to continue operating even under failure conditions is a key consideration. In the event of a complete failure of the control unit on the ECRESO FM 10kW, the transmitter stays on-air with its last known parameters.



Ecreso FM 10kW: Intelligent transmitter design
delivering 1+1 performance levels

Ecreso FM 3kW tech note

Ecreso FM 10kW: 
What Happens If...?
Study of redundancy capabilities


Advanced, Built-In Software


A New Paradigm In Energy Savings SmartFM Compatible.


A new paradigm in energy savings with AI

Ecreso FM 5kW and 10kW are SmartFM compatible with SmartFM.

SmartFM is a sophisticated algorithm, or AI, which enables broadcasters to reduce their energy costs by up to 40% without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage. 



SmartFM Energy savings

Craft Your Own Amazing Sound

5-band sound processor

Onboard 5-Band Sound Processor

The Ecreso FM Transmitter range features an integrated multi-band sound processor! This fully digital sound processor offers the highest signal quality and outstanding reliability as no additional hardware is required.

You can choose from a wide-band or a multi-band version to achieve the level of processing required at your site and the processor is supplied with a full set of presets for many different formats and requirements.




Advanced Solutions To Monitor & Control

ECRESO FM 5-10kW is accompanied with a range of FM radio monitoring and control solutions 
so users have full control, locally and remotely. 

Ecreso FM Communication package

Communication Package

Expert Maintenance Reporting Icon

Expert Maintenance Reporting

Kybio Network Management Systems icon

Centralized NMS for your radio monitoring


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